Journalism and Radio/TV/Film Major Interns at “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Rowan Journalism and RTF major Victoria Todorova in the studio of "The Ellen Show"

Rowan Journalism and RTF major Victoria Todorova sitting on "The Ellen Show" chair at the studio.

Meet Victoria Todorova, a rising senior from Washington Township (Gloucester County) majoring in Journalism and Radio/TV/Film. Growing up she was fascinated by television and film and knew she wanted to be part of it one day. This summer, Todorova is interning for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Ellen’s Game of Games Show.”

“It is all so surreal. I used to watch the ‘The Ellen Show’ every day after high school, and now I get to be part of it,” said Todorova.Victoria Todorova sitting in Ellen DeGeneres's chair on the set of "The Ellen Show"

Todorova has been part of Rowan’s Television Network and Cinema Workshop since her freshman year. Being part of these two programs has helped her grow and develop her craft immensely.

“The activities and opportunities are there for you, but you have to chase after them, nothing will be handed to you,” said Todorova. “But it pays off at the end if you become involved and give it time and effort.” 

Interning for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “Ellen’s Game of Games Show” has given Todorova a chance to learn more about the profession she loves. “I have the great opportunity to rotate around different departments and get my hands on as much as I can to help out and be a part of the show,” said Todorova. “It has been an incredible experience so far and I am learning so much about the field. Everyone makes me feel welcome and at home.”

Rowan Journalism and RTF major Victoria Todorova in the studio of "The Ellen Show"The head of the radio/tv/film department offered to send in all of Todorova’s school information, believing Todorova was a good match for the internship. “From there I did some interviews and got it,” said Todorova.

For Todorova, her parents are her mentors. “They have always supported me in chasing my dreams, and I have always looked up to them for advice.”

Her advice for students is: “There is always uncertainty with everything. But I think you just have to stay dedicated to what you love and push through and chase your dreams.”  

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Story by:
Iridian Gonzalez, senior journalism major

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