Senior Reflects: Health Promotion and Wellness Management Major Eric Chen

Health promotion and wellness management major Eric Chen posing on the Rowan Proud yellow chair.

Meet Eric Chen, a first-generation graduating senior from Cape May, Health promotion and wellness management major Eric Chen posing in front of Bunce Hall.NJ (Cape May County) who majored in Health Promotion and Wellness Management. 

Favorite Class: My favorite class experience was my Public Speaking class with Mr. Paul Viggiano, he always made class interesting and he made that class very comfortable. The best moments were when he would split the class into different teams and we would have little competitions.

Experience with Alpha Chi Rho- Iota Chi Phi Chapter: Over the past couple years, I have been fundraiser, bursar, and postulant educator. My proudest experience was being able to do “Alpha Chi Rhoses,” a yearly fundraiser in which people around the Rowan community can purchase flowers and send notes to each other. The proceeds have gone to the American Cancer Society and to our local chapter of Camp Kesem.

Career Aspirations: My career goal is to become a nurse and to work in cardiac rehab.

Shout outs: Thank you to my brothers in Alpha Chi Rho and to thank you to the professional staff and student staff at Rowan Rec Center. Thank you for believing in me!!!!

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