How One First Year Student’s Classes, Friends and New Experiences Gave Her Purpose

Exterior shot of Holly Pointe Commons with yellow and red mums in the foreground.

Today’s Rowan Blog guest contributor, Samantha “Sam” Deeney, reveals what many students feel when entering college: uncertainty. Now a sophomore Public Relations major, Sam shares how she navigated her first year here at Rowan University and what she’s learned along the way.

Like many new college students, I began my freshman year unsure of what to do with myself.

I was unsure if I had chosen the right major and was questioning what I could see myself doing after graduation.

Sam and friends at an ice cream shop near campus.
Author Sam Deeney (second from right) with friends getting ice cream together in Pitman, just a few minutes away from campus.

I decided to start by getting some required classes out of the way and see how things go.

I signed up for a Logic of Everyday Reasoning course simply because it was required for my major, but I came out of that class with a new interest — Philosophy. I am taking another Philosophy class now and am planning to minor in the subject.

Sam hangs out with friends in a residence hall.

Meanwhile, I have enjoyed my introductory classes in Public Relations and am already learning much about the field.

Outside of academics, I’ve found joy in interacting with friends as well as being active. I spend time with my friends on campus going to various places on Rowan Boulevard, and I joined Rowan’s Tennis Team both to stay in shape and to make new friends.

My interest in learning, friends, and new experiences through extracurricular activities have all helped give me a purpose.

When I wake up in the morning, I’m excited to go to campus, and this is just the beginning of my journey.

Pedestrian walkway along Route 322 taken at sunrise.
Rowan’s campus along the main road during sunrise.

In the short time I’ve been at Rowan, I have already gained so much knowledge about both what I want to do in the external world and what makes me happy within my inner world, and my purposes in life will only continue to strengthen throughout my time here.

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Story and photos submitted by:
Samantha Deeney, sophomore public relations major

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