75 Things Out-Of-State Students Love About Rowan University

A student wearing a Rowan yellow dress and Rowan brown graduation gown tosses her graduation cap in the air in front of the Rowan University arch sign.

This story is a part of Rowan’s centennial series to celebrate 100 years of Rowan University. Rowan Blog contributor Jordyn Dauter, a junior from Quakertown, PA, double majoring in elementary education and dance, collected these insights from fellow students. 

Makenna Boesenhofer, first year exploratory studies (undecided major) from Pennsylvania:
“The school size is just right, not too big but not too small.

“The professors take time to get to know you.

“The campus is welcoming to all people, and beautiful to walk around.”

A look over campus with a vibrant sunset.

McCormick Karner, sophomore sports communication and media and double major radio, television, film with a photography minor from Bangor, Pennsylvania:
“I moved into Holly Pointe a year ago not knowing a person in that building, and quickly became friends with everyone on my floor.

“I’ve made the best of friends through organizations like Rowan Radio, Greek life, club sports, and intramural sports.

Holly Pointe Commons residence hall behind Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity brothers leaving their dorm.

Emma Padros, junior chemical engineering major from New Milford, Connecticut:
“I came to Rowan because they had such an affordable and excellent engineering program that also had a great athletics program. I had wanted to go to a school where I could excel in the classroom and in my sport, swimming.

“I am a part of the Honors College at Rowan so going into freshman year getting to be out in one of the many living and learning communities at Holly Pointe helped me make my friends who I ended up living with for the rest of my college years so much easier.

“When looking at schools I really wanted to be within a close proximity to a city but not in it and Rowan being only 20 minutes outside of Philly really was the icing on top of the cake for me.

“As an out-of-state student from Connecticut, I am paying much less to go to Rowan than for me to go to an in state school, which really sealed the deal for me.”

Emma Padros outside of the Henry M Rowan College of Engineering
Emma Padros

Jennifer Calderon, sophomore music education major from Copiague, New York:
“Access to opportunities in my discipline regardless of location, and the connections I’ve made along the way, whether it’s friends or for my career.”

Esteban Prince, junior computer science major from Austin, Texas:
“I love getting to meet people of other ethnicities at Rowan.”

Two music students on stage play instruments, while students in the audience seats stand and sing with direction from their professor.

Micaiah Tinklenberg, junior radio television and film and double major sports communication and media from Orange City, Iowa:
“I was worried about being lonely or not fitting in, thousands of miles away from anyone who knew me. Rowan women’s ice hockey quickly became my family, and I’ve always felt right at home.” 

Chris Canterino, sophomore civil & environmental engineering major from Pennsylvania:
“I love how walkable the campus is, and how convenient it is to get from one place to another.” 

Humans in yellow shirts stand in uniform to show the digits for 100 on Bunce Green for Rowan University's centennial.

David Martinek, a graduate student in the MS Teaching: Theatre program from Glen Burnie, Maryland:
“I like how easy it is to get coffee on campus. No matter where I am, I’m able to get my hands around an iced coffee.”

Josh Schiede, junior electrical & computer engineering major from East Northport, New York:
“I love how Rowan includes a scholarship for international baccalaureate (IB) students through the Rowan Scholars program, and [I love] the men’s volleyball club.”

John Schiede sitting outside of the Henry M Rowan College of Engineering
John Schiede, outside of the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Morgan Van Holtz, sophomore fine arts major and Certificate of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS) in video game design from Upstate New York:
“My first-year dorm was at Chestnut. I had a great roommate and CA! Rowan has many options and opportunities for funding and making yourself comfortable on campus.

“Walking or biking on campus is great. There is a forest area that you can walk through and listen to nature. Helps with dealing with stress and thinking of new ideas.”

Three students smile over shared food at an eatery on Rowan Boulevard.

Emily Huber, senior music major with a concentration in voice from Long Island, New York:
“I really love living in the Nexus Apartments. I love how modern the apartments are and how they give off such a cozy feel which truly makes it feel like my home away from home!

“One of the many reasons I love Rowan is how lively the campus is. There is always something exciting going on, especially on Rowan Boulevard.”

Snow view of campus apartments.

Jordyn Dauter, junior dance & elementary education double major from Quakertown, Pennsylvania:
“I love how Rowan makes it easy for students to double major, and that student can do it within two different colleges within the University.

“I appreciate the small class sizes, which allows for students to build good connections with their professors, whether it is with an in-person or online course.

“I love how many clubs and organizations are around on campus, so there is something for everyone with every type of interest.” 

Kayla Gaines, sophomore molecular & cellular biology major from Delmar, Delaware:

“One thing I love about Rowan is the Chamberlain Student Center, specifically I love getting vanilla iced coffee from Peet’s Coffee.

 “I love the Science building because it’s a great study spot.”

The university mascot crouches to hug children crowding him at the Rowan Preschool.
A preschool on campus is both convenient for students who are parents, as well as students enrolled in education courses

Diliana Cho, sophomore sociology major with a minor in criminal justice from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America: 

“Growing up in a country with high rates of violence and poverty, as it is Honduras, I never imagined that I would be able to attend college. As a first-generation student of Chinese and Native Indigenous origin, I am incredibly grateful and happy to have had the opportunity to pursue my dreams at Rowan University.

“As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I appreciate the support readily available on the Rowan campus for human diversity, inclusion, and respect, which are highly valued and needed in our shared community.

“During my time at Rowan, the English Language Program (ELP) building and its staff were the most meaningful part of my experience. When I arrived three years ago, I struggled to communicate in English, but the ELP staff believed in me and encouraged me to pursue my passions. Thanks to their unwavering support and guidance, I gained self-confidence and found the courage to chase my dreams.

“Even though I live in South Philly, the commute to the Glassboro Campus is worth it to the 100%. I want to encourage all new and Hispanic students and tell them we are on the right path, thanks to the guidance and inclusive spaces provided by this great community of Rowan.

 “We can be our true selves and feel safe at Rowan!”

Diliana Cho sitting outside on the steps of Bunce Hall
Diliana Cho, sitting on the steps of Rowan’s first building, Bunce Hall

Harshaila Saini, sophomore marketing & entrepreneurship double major from Ontario, Canada:

“I love Saxby’s (as a Canadian, the coffee hits!).

“My scholarship is keeping this amazing college affordable.

“The entrepreneurial spirit of the campus. Especially the School of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, I met like-minded people with similar goals that make me feel like I belong.”

A student peers into a microscope in a lab.

Brittany Kaewell, a master’s student in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner from Jamison, Pennsylvania:

“I didn’t have a white coat for my white coat ceremony for the MSN program. Dr. Santucci CNO, Dr. White, and Dr. Kaspar were all in kahoots to make sure I had a white coat and we looked in unison. They have graduated hundreds of nurses from this program, but still make sure you are included and feel special.”

Emely Geraldino-Torres, junior law & justice studies major from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“One thing that I really love about Rowan is how diverse everything is, from clubs to sports, studying, eating areas, and much more.

 “Rowan campus gives students a variety of ways to feel welcome and in a safe space.”

A view from the ground, looking up at yellow and brown flowers adoring the front of Bunce Hall at graduation.

Joshua Zaharof, senior chemical engineering major from Detroit, Michigan:
“I love the culture and diversity of the campus.”

Connor Shields, senior theatre arts major from Holland, Pennsylvania:

“I love how friendly and welcoming everyone is on campus! From other students all the way up to professional staff like the Dean of Students, I always feel like there are new people to meet and become friends with.

“Rowan’s size is something I love. It feels like it has the resources of a big school while still giving classes the vibes of a small school. All my professors know me personally and I feel like they genuinely care about me and my academic success.

“I love the Student Center, especially on weekends when groups like RAH are hosting events. I’ve been able to go to a beach-themed night on a Thursday, an arts and crafts painting night on a Friday, and a real-life petting zoo on a Saturday. They really try to give us as many opportunities as possible.”

Connor Shields sitting on the Pfleeger Concert Hall Stage
Connor Shields sits on one of our many stages

Rylan Fabryk, junior biomedical art and visualization major from Chalfont, Pennsylvania.

“I love the atmosphere. No matter the time of day, there are always students and locals out and about. My hometown is a small town in PA, so we don’t have a big hustle and bustle like I’ve seen living on the boulevard! I also love the overall environment and scenic places to walk!”

Matthias Recktenwald, a doctoral candidate in the biomedical engineering program from Media, Pennsylvania.

“Beautiful campus. The proximity to Philly allows me to live in South Philadelphia.

“The partnerships with Cooper and Virtua have given me access to state-of-the-art medical technologies and opportunities to work with the world’s best researchers and clinicians.”

Matthias Recktenwald posing inside of the Henry M Rowan College of Engineering
Matthias Recktenwald

Ester Lendore, senior dual major in law & justice and political science major from Brooklyn, New York.

“I love Rowan for many reasons! I love it here mainly for the atmosphere.

“The friendly staff made sure that I had opportunities that would advance my career and help me after graduation. The connections I have made here will last for a lifetime.

“Everyone here looked out for me throughout my four years here at Rowan.

“As a freshman, my RA [now called CA, community assistant] was the one who inspired me to become an RA and I have done so for the past 3 years. I have held multiple jobs on campus to get experience and give back to the community that has assisted me in so many different ways.

 “I am also a part of many student-led organizations on campus and am now the President of the NAACP and Public Relations Chair for the BSU as well as myself of New Life, WOCA, SOCA and others.”

Rohrer College of Business Expo during Spring 2024.

Melanie Rodgers, senior biochemistry major with a pre-medical minor from Stafford, Virginia. 

“I love the entire atmosphere of Glassboro and how the area has so much to offer whether that’s Philly or going to the shore along with the relationships I have formed here.

 “I love playing for the university’s Women’s Lacrosse team and the relationships that I have built with the staff and other students are some that I cherish.”

Kayla Santian, junior geology major from Burlington, Massachusetts:

“One thing that I love about Rowan is the class sizes. Classes at Rowan are small making it easier to talk to befriend fellow students and increasing communication with professors. As a geology major, I have the privilege of working with an amazing group of professors.

All of our professors want to see you succeed and will go out of their way to help you thrive. These opportunities offered at Rowan allowed me to start on a research project as only a sophomore. Rowan has truly become a second family and a second home to me.”

Four students sitting at a table inside of Enterprise. They are working on their laptops, with the photo being taken on a downward angle.

Cade MacFee, a master’s student in the theatre education program from Baltimore, Maryland:

“I love how students and professors always support each other both academically and personally.”

Brandi Sweet, a doctoral candidate in the molecular cell biology and neuroscience program from Boise, Idaho:

“The professors are very student-focused and provide the tools, or individual time needed for students to succeed.

“The research is interesting, diverse and ever-expanding.

“The PI’s are top notch.

“Students are friendly and it is easy to make fast friends.

“Coming from a high mountain desert, I love all the greenery in New Jersey.” 

Rowan home Football game. Photo captured from a drone.

Gabrielle McAllaster, a doctoral candidate in education (higher education) from Denver, Colorado:

“I absolutely love the faculty in the Ph.D. in Education program! As I look back on my educational journey, I feel immense gratitude for the faculty members who believed in me and empowered me to succeed. Each of their impacts extends far beyond the walls of the classroom, as their influence will continue to resonate with me in every aspect of my being, both personally and professionally.

“The Ph.D. in Education program was more than a degree; it was a transformative experience, thanks to the incredible Rowan faculty who made it possible!”

An on field close up of a drum major performing with Rowan's marching band.

Goutham Kodakandla, a doctoral candidate in the molecular cell biology and neuroscience program from Hyderabad, India:

“The research lab for my Ph.D. is based in Camden at Cooper Medical School.

“I love the cordial and welcoming nature of people at Rowan.

“From leaders at the highest level to administrative staff, and students, everyone works toward the common goal of making learning accessible and fun.”

Joshua Bianchi, sophomore psychology major from Buffalo, New York:

“The best part about Rowan for me is how easily you can make friends and sustain them. Being on the Rowan Ice Hockey team I already have 20+ built-in brothers who I am proud to call family.”

Megan Stanley, sophomore psychology major from Walnut Creek, California:

 “There were a few specific things I was looking for while I was searching for colleges. One of those being fun programs to apply to. Rowan’s degree in three programs really caught my eye. Before starting college, I took a gap year. With the degree in three programs, I get to graduate a year earlier as well as save money, as out-of-state tuition is more expensive.

“I also liked knowing that I would be somewhere new and get to try and experience new things.”

Caroline Adam inside of the Rohrer College of Business
Caroline Adam

Caroline Adam, senior management major from Uxbridge, Massachusetts:

“Despite being from 300 miles away, Rowan has felt like home for three years now. I love the small-town feel of campus that makes for an easy adjustment.

“There are so many ways to get involved no matter what your interest is, and you will find your family no matter how far you have to travel to come to campus.

“Most students at Rowan come to know a handful of people from high school or from growing up locally. I thought this would put me at a disadvantage, but Rowan gave me the chance to start fresh and push myself out of my comfort zone to be able to find my place in Glassboro, the same as anyone coming from in-state.”

Shawn Ryan posing against a wall outside of Wilson Hall. He can be seen wearing a gray suit.
Shawn Ryan

Shawn Ryan, a master’s student with dual concentrations in finance & supply chain and logistical systems from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

“When I began my search for the institution at which I would pursue my MBA, like most students, I wanted to be mindful of the ‘value’ of the investment I would be making in my future. While there is always the allure of a diploma from the larger universities, I was primarily concerned with an affordable education that challenged me academically and empowered me with the tools I need to continue to advance in my career.

“As I narrowed down my list of institutions, Rowan was checking all of my ‘boxes’ (and then some) when you factor in my advisor’s ability to tailor my course load to my preferred pace, schedule, and interests; the courses instructed by Professors with active, real-time experience within their professions, and its its close proximity to Philadelphia.

“As I close this chapter of my academic career, I could not be happier that I chose Rowan for my master’s, and will gladly recommend this university for anyone in search of where to continue their academic journey.”

Six students sitting on Bunce Green. One is playing the guitar and the rest are surrounding the student.

Emily Casale, senior advertising with minors in psychology and Strategic Communication from Tampa, Florida:

“I love how Rowan is in the middle of everything. It’s close to Philly, the Jersey Shore, and it’s close to my family that lives nearby.

“Another thing I love about Rowan is all the people I have met. The instant connections I made on my sports team (women’s soccer) and my other friends I have met outside of athletics have made my experience going out of state for college more enjoyable.”

A student practices soccer on the soccer field, while wearing her Rowan yellow uniform.
Emily Casale

Sarah-Cate Ogden, junior theatre arts with a concentration in acting from Colorado Springs, Colorado:

“The nature trail by the Business Hall.

“The seating area in the Barnes and Noble Starbucks.”

A student sits at a table with technical equipment related to his data science program.

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior double major in Dance & Elementary Education

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