20 Minute Radius: Exit 4 Escape Room

Photo of the exterior of Exit 4.

If you find yourself overwhelmingly bored during the week or weekdays, I suggest scoping out fun experiences near campus. This past week, my friends and I challenged our  knowledge to see if we were able to escape the Upside Down room at Exit 4 Escape Room, right on Rowan Blvd.

All of us are extreme Stranger Things fans, so it made perfect sense to lock ourselves into a room designed after Will Byers’ living room. After our experience with the Upside Down room, we’ll be sure to check out Exit 4’s three other rooms, which include Ben Franklin’s Inferno, Police Station, and Cabin of the Jersey Devil. four friends hold a "winners" sign at Exit 4 Escape Room

With the combination of everyone working together and the pressure of the room darkening every 10 minutes (and a helpful amount of hints), we were able to escape in 43 minutes. Without giving too much away about the experience, we were forced to think outside the box, decipher each clue, and most importantly, have fun. Luckily the rooms are private, so you will never be stuck with strangers. Locking yourself in a room with a bunch of people can seem intimidating, so I’d suggest choosing friends you can communicate with and who actually want to be there. Alex Autuoro supports that idea by saying, “If Exit 4 taught me anything, it would be teamwork, communication … and the necessity of asking for clues.”

In addition to its regular Mon-Fri $20 student walk-in special, Exit 4 occasionally offers student discounts, so follow @exit4glassoboro on Instagram to stay updated. If you want to see if you can escape, book your reservation today at exit4glassboro.com!

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Story and photos by:
Alyssa Bauer, junior public relations major

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