How to: Decorate for the Holidays on a College Budget

The holidays should be full of decorations, unhealthy food, family/friends and A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra playing in the background. For me, decorating for the holidays is more enjoyable than actually celebrating them … but holiday decorations aren’t college-budget-friendly. However, when in doubt, go to the dollar store! I upgraded my dorm this holiday season five different ways thanks to Dollar Store … and raiding my mom’s old decorations.

  1. String Lights
    Do not underestimate the power of a couple string lights. I bought these lights and vase from Dollar Tree and pieced with old ornaments from home.
    Photo (left) shows lights and ornament in vase, while photo (right) shows string lights and decorations on windowsill.
  2. DIY Ornaments
    Filling clear ornaments with tiny bells and white beads, and hanging them in your apartment makes for an eye-catching decoration.
    Photo (left) shows DIY ornament materials, while photo (right) shows finished DIY ornaments.
    Photo shows finished DIY ornaments hanging from living room ceiling.
  3. Selfie Station
    Having a $1 wrapping paper and tinsel selfie station at your holiday party makes a great photo-op!!
    Photo (left) shows wrapping paper from an up-close view, while photo (right) shows finished selfie station.
  4. A (very tiny) Christmas Tree
    The Christmas tree may be small, but its cuteness is off the charts (especially for only $1)!!
    Photo shows the $1 Christmas tree decorated with string lights and tiny ornaments.
  5. Candy
    Having candy out during the holidays is an essential and enhances the look of your coffee table.
    Photo shows a snowflake tray full of caramel candies.

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    Story and photos by:
    Alyssa Bauer, junior public relations major

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