Liz Shares Her Advice for Out-of-State Students

Liz and her friends sitting upstairs in Savitz hall by a snowy window

Liz Kratz, a sophomore public relations major from Harleysville, PA, shares her insight and advice on how to adjust to college as an out-of-state student.

It can be daunting to go to a new university where you do not know many people except those you went to high school with.  It can be very Lis stands outside Savitz Hall on a snowy dayhard to navigate a brand new area and campus that you are not used to.  For me, as an out-of-state student from Pennsylvania who was the only person from my high school that landed at Rowan University, adjusting was difficult, but not impossible.  In addition to adjusting to a new college and social life, my freshman year was also focused on adjusting to an entirely different state.

When people ask me where I am from, they are shocked to find out that I am from Pennsylvania.  The reaction is usually followed by the question, “Why did you go to Rowan?”  My answer to that question is that the multiple times I stepped foot on campus to tour the university, I felt at home. I practically grew up in New Jersey, since my family has owned a house down at the shore ever since I was born.  Every university I visited that was directed more western than the little town I am from, I did not like.  Rowan was the perfect medium and felt like the right choice for me.

LIz stands with a group of 8 during a Back to the Boro eventFor the first few months at Rowan, it was hard for me to find the people I clicked with.  It is the same way for everyone.  My advice to any out-of-state students, from any college, not specific to just Rowan, is to just put yourself out there.  Create or join a Facebook group specific to your graduating class and introduce yourself.  I found my roommate from the Facebook group for the class of 2021, and I am still close friends with her to this day.  Say “hi” to a neighbor of yours, they could turn into some of your best friends.  Get involved in some clubs, it will help you grow strong friendships with people that have the same interests as you.  Take a step outside of your comfort zone, because you are already brave enough to move to an entirely different state for college away from your home and loved ones.

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Story by: Liz Kratz

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