Questions to Ask a College Representative at a College Fair

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Today, we feature advice from Amanda Kuster — not only is she a Rowan University admissions counselor with the Office of Admissions, but she is also a Rowan alumna herself, having graduated from our Communications Studies program within the College of Communication & Creative Arts

Amanda Kuster, Rowan admissions counselor, has advice for attending college fairs

Attending a college fair is a great way to ask college representatives questions about their institution. Most of the time, the college representatives attending the college fair are the ones who are responsible for the recruitment efforts in that area, and they review the applications from the area. This gives students and their families an opportunity to create a relationship and ask questions about admissions, campus life, financial aid and the different programs of study.

Consider asking these questions when attending a college fair!

  1. What is your institution known for?
  2. What documents are required during the admissions process?
  3. What is the average SAT/ACT scores and GPA?
  4. Are you test optional?
  5. How competitive is admission to your institution?
  6. What is the application deadline?
  7. Are there any specific requirements for certain programs of study?
  8. What is the retention rate of your institution?
  9. How many undergraduate students are enrolled at your institution?
  10.  How much is tuition and room and board?
  11.  What type of scholarships do you offer?
  12.  Do you accept AP credits or dual enrollment credits?
  13.  Is housing guaranteed all four years?
  14.  Can freshmen have a car on campus?
  15.  Does your institution provide support for my student to find an internship?
  16.  Does your institution offer study abroad opportunities?
  17.  What is the student-to-faculty ratio?
  18.  What is the average class size?
  19.  How many undergraduate programs do you offer?
  20.  Do students stay on campus over the weekend or do they go home?

Two students receiving aid from a faculty member at Rowan University

If you can’t attend a college fair to ask these questions, these are great questions to also ask over the phone, email or when you visit a campus!

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Story by: Amanda Kuster, Admissions Counselor

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