TRANSFERmation Tuesday: Casey Pregartner

Future transfer student Casey Pregartner standing on Rowan Boulevard

Today we speak with Casey Pregartner, a junior Construction Management major at Rowan Global. She is a transfer student from Rowan College of South Jersey.

Name: Casey Pregartner
Year: Junior
Major: Construction Management (Rowan Global)
Hometown: Franklinville, NJ (Gloucester County)
Transfer student? Yes
Where do you live? Off-campus

What gets you out of the bed in the morning?

“As an adult I realized that I want to do better than what everyone guessed my odds would be. I am motivated by the idea that I have made it into a college that I never expected to be at. I am passionate about being in a career that will lead me into a direction where I can support myself and my future family.”

Were you nervous starting at Rowan? How did you overcome it?

“When I first got to Rowan I was nervous because it was such an unknown experience. When I was in the middle of my [first] semester I started to struggle in all my classes. I had a few of my professors reach out to me expressing that they really wanted to see me succeed. That was the first experience I had that I felt like a professor really cared, and I realized how personable Rowan is and that I chose the right school.”

Casey in the library at rowan barnes & nobleAnd lastly, why did you choose Rowan?

“I picked Rowan because it was very close to my home, it allowed me to have the experience of being at college and still having a close relationship with my family. After a few semesters I realized I would not have wanted it any other way. Rowan is a great university, and it gave me a lot of experiences I wouldn’t been able to have if I had [gone] to a different school.”

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Story and photography by:
Justin Borelli, senior advertising major

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