Iridian Shares 3 Ways She’s Gotten Involved as a Transfer

After completing two years at Atlantic Cape Community College, I decided to transfer over to Rowan University to get my bachelor’s in Journalism. Transferring over to a new school can be both exciting and intimidating. You’ll get to create new memories, meet new people and experience new opportunities.Student portrait of Journalism major Iridian outside on Rowan's campus

At community college I was involved in many extracurricular activities, like being part of the communication club and assistant editor for the Atlantic Cape Review. For me, getting involved has always been important. It improves leadership and interpersonal skills, but most importantly, it gives students practical experience.

When I first transferred to Rowan, I did not know anyone, but I immediately felt welcomed by all my professors and classmates. I knew I wanted to get involved and create new memories, just like I did at my community college.

I started asking other students what they were involved in, and I checked Rowan’s Student Organization Services page, where I found clubs and organizations that caught my attention. There are many ways to get involved — you’ve just got to be open to new experiences and opportunities.

Here are three ways I’ve gotten involved as a transfer student and commuter.Copies of The Whit, Rowan's student newspaper where Journalism major Iridian works as a copy editor

  1. Joined The Whit,The Campus Newspaper: As mentioned earlier, I am majoring in Journalism; for me, getting outside the classroom experience is extremely important. By joining The Whit, I got to meet the most amazing group of people. I created new friendships that I know will last forever and help each other out even after college. Aside from making friends, this past fall I got elected to become one of the copy editors for the paper. It’s all about being open to new opportunities.A screenshot of Rowan Blog's main page featuring one of Journalism major Iridian's stories
  2. Became a content writer for Rowan’s blog: By becoming a writer and working for the Admissions office, I have gotten the chance not only to work on my craft, but meet so many people, from students, to faculty and alumni. Now I walk through campus seeing familiar faces all the time, from interviewing so many people, and that feels amazing.
  3. Attended campus events: One thing I really like about Rowan is that there are always events going on. I like to say that there is an event for everyone here at Rowan. If you are interested in art there are events at the Art Gallery in 301 High St. There are many lectures you can attend, and many special guests are brought in as well. One way I check to see for upcoming events is by checking an email announcer we all get in the morning.

Journalism major Iridian sits outside on Rowan's campusThese are just three ways how I have gotten involved here at Rowan, but there are so many other ways to get involved. It’s all about being open to new experiences and being OK with getting out of your comfort zone.

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Story by:
Iridian Gonzalez, senior journalism major

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