Senior Reflects: Athletic Training Major Phil Brenner

A family photo at Disney World.

Meet Phil Brenner, a graduating senior from Westville, NJ (GloucesterPhil posing in front of the ocean. County) who majored in athletic training. Phil lived on campus in Evergreen, on Rowan Boulevard and in off-campus campus during his time at Rowan.

Favorite Class: One of my favorite moments in a class was during Mr. Christy’s therapeutic exercise class when our class had to go into the cold whirlpool for 20 minutes at 8 a.m. in the morning. It was definitely better than the effect of any coffee. 

Most Meaningful Memory: One of my most meaningful experiences at Rowan was joining the Unified Sports Club my freshman year. I had so much fun competing with all of the athletes and partners. It was one of the things I looked forward to most on the weekend when it was soccer or basketball season. 

Career Aspirations: My career aspirations are to continue in the athletic training program at Rowan so I can get my master’s in athletic training. I aspire to be an athletic trainer for a high school. I got to learn alongside two of the best high-school athletic trainers (shoutout Mr. Evans at Woodstown and KB at Delsea Regional High School). They taught me the ins and outs of what it takes to be a high-school athletic trainer and I’m very grateful for their mentorship. Also, the professors and educators of the athletic training major helped me reach where I am. They have challenged me and pushed me to be the best I could be. It was definitely a lot of work but without their guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am at right now.

A group photo of Phil and his famiy.

Shout outs! I want to give a shout out to my mom, sisters (Jenna and Kristina), my brother Chris, my girlfriend Grace, and my close friends who have supported me throughout my academic journey. I also want to give a shoutout to Colleen Grugan, Dr. Sterner, Dr. Mann, Dr. Pletcher, Dr. Bullard, Mr. Christy, KB, Mr. Evans, Steve Shultz, and Chris Pantellere for being educators and preceptors for me throughout my courses and residencies. My knowledge base is a cumulation of these high quality educators and I could not be more grateful for that. 

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