Senior Reflects: Elementary Ed/Mathematic Dual Major Thanks Professors

Meet Jacob Kauffman, an elementary education/mathematics dual major who commuted from Glassboro, NJ (Gloucester County.)

Favorite momJacob Kauffman posing for a portraitent: A number of favorite moments come to mind so with that in mind I’d like to take this time to thank the entire mathematics department in Robinson Hall for always being there and willing to answer any questions that I had about my math courses!

Most Meaningful Moment:  The most meaningful personal moment that I had at Rowan has to be the friends I made while student teaching. I never would have made it through it all without them! You know who you are!

Career Aspirations: I finished my degree in mathematics and it was one of the most difficult things I had ever done. Once I finally start teaching, I can’t wait to help my students overcome the obstacles that I struggled with for so long. None of this would have been possible without a select number of extremely helpful and kind math professors.

Shout outs! I’d like to thank my family for supporting me all through my college career and I’d also like to give a special thanks to Dr. Charalampos (Babis) Papachristou and Dr. Edward Dougherty both from the Rowan mathematics department who always went above and beyond whenever I asked for help.

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