Senior Reflects: Future Elementary School Teacher Kimberly Hanson

Kimberly poses with her daughter.

Today we feature Elementary Education and History dual major and recent graduate Kimberly Hanson. Before campus closed due to COVID-19, she commuted from her home in Williamstown, NJ (Gloucester County). Kimberly transferred to Rowan from Camden County College. 

What is your favorite moment with a faculty member or a favorite experience in one of your classes? My favorite moments are when I Kimberly poses for a selfie in sunglasses and a baseball cap.spent one-on-one time with my professors. It gave me the chance to ask questions that I didn’t feel comfortable asking in class. I’ve had some pretty amazing professors!

What was your favorite or most meaningful personal moment at Rowan? I’m a full-time mom and live off campus, but a while back I had joined club swimming. I had left because it didn’t fit my schedule anymore. But while I was there, it was a great experience! It was great to get back into the sport and to meet some new people!

What are your career aspirations and how did the people or programs at Rowan help to support you with those aspirations? My overall aspiration is to become an elementary teacher. All my professors have been helpful but my advisor, April Ellerbe, has been so helpful will my class choices and giving me all the tools I need to succeed! 

Kimberly Hanson poses for a photo with her boyfriend.

Do you want to give a thank you shout out to your family, friends, advisors or mentors? Thank you to my family and friends for supporting me through this, but a huge thanks to my boyfriend who has been a huge support system for me. He has been so understanding and helpful when it comes to school, work and our daughter.

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