Senior Reflects: History Major Christine Katherine Elizabeth Ellis

Today we feature senior Christine Katherine Elizabeth Ellis, a History major from Sicklerville, NJ (Camden County). Christine, who commuted to campus,  transferred to Rowan A portrait of Christine.from Camden County College.  

Could you please share your favorite social memory?

Among my favorite memories are my watercolor class, History of Photography class, my Modern Latin America class, and every history class I took that encouraged discussion among the students. 

Could you please share a favorite experience in one of your classes?

Being able to present my poster for the President’s Day Poster Session Event (pictured below).

Christine presents her poster with the support of her family.

Do you want to give a thank you shout out to your family, friends, advisors or mentors?

Thank you so much to my Mom and Dad for putting me through college and thank you also to both my grandmas for their help and support. Thank you to my Aunt Darlene and my cousin Dontrell for supporting me at my event. And thank you to everyone else who has encouraged me with my schooling. 

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