7 First Years Share What They Like About Living On Campus

People walk in front of a residence hall.

What’s it like to live on campus? Freshmen from four Rowan residence halls tell us what they like most about their home away from home.  

1. The freedom. Matt Gandy, a resident of Holly Pointe, likes the freedom of being away from home and living on campus. 

Matt Gandy poses at Rowan.

2. The community in her dorm. Nya Ritch, another resident of Holly Pointe, says that whenever anyone has a problem, everyone wants to pitch in and help. She says it is a very loving environment.

Nya Ritch and Julianne Ferraro pose for a photo together.
Nya Ritch, left, and Julianne Ferraro, right, pose for a photo together.

3. The atmosphere. Julianne Ferraro, another resident of Holly Pointe, says that she loves the atmosphere of the school. She says that she feels that she can walk up to anyone in the student center and talk to them.

4. The food. Tamir Reed, also from Holly Pointe, loves that there is always food around, whether you use your meal plan or you go to Pizza Hut or 7-Eleven or somewhere else on Rowan Boulevard. 

Tamir Reed poses for a photo.

5. Exploring. Iliana Pineda, a resident of Evergreen Hall, says she loves getting the chance to meet new people and explore the campus. 

Illiana poses in front of Evergreen.

6. Having roommates. Rachel Rheinhardt, another resident of Mimosa Hall, says that likes having roommates so she has people to talk to during this time. 

Rachel poses in front of Willow Hall.

7. The college experience. Kevin Duffy, a resident of Chestnut Hall, says that you get the real college feel when you live on campus. 

Kevin poses by a tree outside of Chestnut Hall.

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Story and photos by:
Rachel Rumsby, sophomore communication studies and public relations double major

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