4 First Years Share Why Evergreen Is Great

View of front door of Evergreen Hall, a one-story brick dorm.

Today we speak with four freshman on why they think Evergreen Hall is a great freshman dorm to live in, especially during the first semester of college.

Group photo of four Evergreen residents, who are wearing masks. The two up front have their hands together to form the shape of a heart.
(From left): Christian, Kelly, Jai, Brett

Most common points among all four:

  1. Great location
  2. Small community, know more people
  3. More space than other dorms
  4. One shared bathroom
  5. The RA’s are cool
Kelly standing outside with fall foliage in the background.

Kelly: “We only have to share the bathroom with one other room. We also have a bigger space compared to other dorms. Everyone knows each other on the floors. The resident assistants are cool and it is so close to everything – the trees, too, I like walking out here.” Freshman Kelly Scarlet Olivera, Music Education major from Elizabeth, NJ (Union County)

Brett standing outside with fall foliage in the background.

Brett: “Well, what do I love about Evergreen, I think going on with what Kelly said, the resident assistants are really cool. Cameron, our resident assistant, is really nice and he tries to get us involved in everything. Some people would complain that a small building is not really good but I feel that with it being small there is a sense of community. You see a lot of faces and you meet a lot of people. As you can see I met my good friends, my suite mates and Kelly here. So it is very nice to have and I really do like my room. Evergreen is very convenient, it is in the smack middle of everything you can go to the Student Center, Holly Pointe and everything is not too far. ” Freshman Brett Allen, Radio, Television and Film major from Old Bridge, NJ (Middlesex County)

Jair standing outside of Evergreen.

Jair: “The location. Evergreen is placed in an area where we have access to a lot. We are very close to many of the buildings such as Science Hall, the Student Center and a bunch of other places. I think that where Evergreen is placed is a perfect location for your first year here. You get to know where everything is by just walking out of Evergreen. You have a good idea of what Rowan has in and around campus. I also think that there is amazing people here.” First-generation college student, freshman Jair Garcia, Human Services major from Trenton, NJ (Mercer County)

Christian standing outside with trees behind him.

Christian: “I agree with location, I mean we are so close to the Student Center and everything is within walking distance on campus. Easy to find your way around, especially as a freshman. I like the personal environment, like Kelly said. We know everybody on the floor and you feel like it is a warmer environment. It is nice and quiet and you are able to get your work done in your room not have to worry about a bunch of noise. ” Freshman Christian DeMoro, Sports Communication & Media major from Freehold, NJ (Monmouth County)

Bikes outside of Evergreen with a sunset behind them.

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Story and photography by: 
Stephanie Batista, sophomore music industry major

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