How to Adapt To Being Away From Home: Advice From Sophomore Jordan Perkins

Jordan poses outside.

Today’s story is written by sophomore Advertising major Jordan Perkins. Jordan is from Mount Olive, NJ (Morris County), and lives on campus at 114 Victoria Street. Jordan is a first-generation college student.

August is coming to an end and it hits you that you are moving away from home in just a couple of days. You are worried about all the possibilities, being alone, not knowing where to go and how to feel comfortable away from home. Although you may think you are the only one feeling this way, just know you aren’t because so is everyone else whether they say it or not! Below I will be listing 5 important tips to help you adjust to the college lifestyle and to help get rid of homesickness.

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Know Your Resources

It is important to learn and have an understanding of the resources around you. Rowan University offers a Wellness Center on campus where you can go online and easily make an appointment. If a student is dealing with any sort of mental health issues, Rowan has counselors on hand ready to talk to you when you need it. A library, computer rooms, study rooms, lounges, and tutoring are also available all year round to help you stay on top of your work.

Explore Campus

One easy way to become comfortable with where you are living is to understand and know everything around you. Taking a walk around campus, signing up for events, reaching out to your dorm neighbors, and connecting with your professors are great ways to help you feel more at home while being away. Rowan offers many clubs and activities all year around campus and either joining a club or attending activities allows you to personally connect with campus.

Jordan poses outside.

Stay On Top of Work

Getting into the hang of a study routine and making sure you lineup your responsibilities are very important.  Although there is the idea that college is all about going out, parties, and staying out all night, there are times you need to give that up to study for a test. Many students struggle with managing their time and finding the time in their day to sit down and complete homework but you should make a set schedule for when you need to do so. It is the student’s own responsibility to figure out what they need to prioritize. Finding a quiet place, such as the library, or setting up a homework group can help you a ton with adjusting to the college environment.

Take Care of Yourself

While making sure all your work is completed and handed in, it’s also important to make sure you make time to take care of yourself. Balance is very important when coming into college since stress and work can become overwhelming so take some time to sit back and recharge or even meet up with some friends. Rowan University has many sports games so on a Friday night if you need to get out of your same old boring room, maybe think about attending a football game with a group of people!

Jordan poses in front of a building.

Make Friends and Stay in Touch

Creating new friendships can be hard when you are pushed into an unknown setting. You are not sure how to find people, how to form a bond, or how to even come about starting a conversation. What helps the most is joining a club because you automatically meet new people right off the bat. Another way is knocking on your dorm neighbors’ door and getting to know them. Every freshman around you is feeling the same way about making friends so everyone you talk to will be more than happy to get your number, text you and hang out with you throughout the week. Creating these friendships helps keep your mind off the fact that you are far from home and away from the people you grew up with, and the relationships you form in college are super important and make campus feel like home. Remember to also keep in touch and update your friends and family back in your home town but keep in mind it’s best if you don’t make frequent trips home and stay on campus for one to two months straight before you decide to take a trip home.

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Story by:
Jordan Perkins, sophomore advertising major

Photos by:
Stephanie Batista, sophomore music industry major

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