Kudos To Professors Who Made An Impact

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We recently spoke to students who each picked a professor they’ve had at Rowan who really made an impact on them. Here, the students explain how these professors affected them and what made them truly enjoy their classes.

Tiara Gbeintor smiles sitting down outside in front of Robinson hall.

Tiara Gbeintor, junior Psychology major

Professor Lisa Abrams, Psychology: “She was a very understanding teacher. She made it her duty to understand each student’s individual learning process; she was always responding to emails. She’s overall a really great professor. She was one of those professors who understood your insecurities. She just made the learning environment very comfortable.” – Tiara Gbeintor, junior Psychology major from Edgewater Park, NJ (Burlington County)

Bria Riley smiles for a selfie inside.

Bria Riley, junior Psychology & Philosophy/Word Religions major

Doctor Nadine Sullivan, Sociology “She was very open and transparent about her own life struggles and how she overcame them. She would take the time to talk to me before and after class to help guide my goals. Her teaching style was not the typical lecturing it was more like exposing us to real world things such as movies, books and articles. This professor supported my goals by teaching me a lot about gender and sexuality that can apply to my future career and my career goals.” – Bria Riley, junior Psychology and Philosophy and World Religions major from Washington Township, NJ (Gloucester County)

Julia smiles while wearing black in front of some green trees.

Julia Majerscak, junior Theatre major

Professor Christopher Roche, Musical Theatre: “He always makes sure to check in with his students not just educationally but emotionally. He doesn’t talk at us he talks with us. He really taught me a lot with my journey here. He loves to talk about real world experience. He doesn’t just focus on if you’re talented. He focuses on how you present yourself, how you talk to professionals, and how to work with other people. He really gives us a real life situation instead of just the educational standpoint.” – Julia Majerscak, junior Theatre major from Montville, NJ (Morris County)

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Story by:
Luke Garcia, junior music industry major

Photo of Tiara by: 
Stephanie Batista, sophomore music industry major

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