#PROFspective: Accounting Major David Nicolas

David stands outside of Savitz.

Today we feature first-generation college senior David Nicolas, an Accounting major from Trenton, NJ (Mercer County). David is a part of the Accounting Society and NABA РNational Association of Black Acountants.

What are your career aspirations?

One of my aspirations is to get my Series 6 license. I am in the process of doing that now. I want to open an investment firm. My interest in starting an investment firm is because of the influence from those around me. Most people I have interacted with are finance people. I have been doing stocks for four years now and have been doing a great job with it. My brother also had a big influence on me. He is a VP for his company.

David stands outside on the main campus walkway.

What do you do outside of Rowan?

Outside of school I do mentoring, mentorships with the younger generation of the inner city Trenton, NJ. It gives me the chance to step out of the shoes of a student and step into the shoes of an inner-city kid like how I grew up. I get to see these kids grow from where I once was to where they will be in the future. Basically I like to influence them on creating a better life for themselves and showing them that there is more than just the city out there. 

David sits by the Owl statue on campus.

What is the best thing Rowan has been able to give or offer you?

A wide variety of network opportunities. Without Rowan I would have never been able to get many of my business connections and connections that help me network through different jobs and opportunities. I got them mainly through professors and clubs. For example, in my Entrepreneurship and Innovation class I entered a contest and I met a woman who is a professor here. When I was doing the project she gave me contacts to get a research analysis done. She guided me. I have also made a lot of connections with the Accounting Society.

Tell me about your experience in clubs?

I joined a few months ago and I basically use it for networking purposes. With NABA – National Association of Black Accountants, we typically do a conference every year in New York. It brings together all of the black accountants in the area and helps us network, especially for jobs out there in the accounting field. It helps us get our name out there. It helps us market ourselves as accountants and in the long run it is very beneficial for us as an accountant. 

David stands outside the main walkway on campus.

What advice do you have for someone coming into Rowan?

Do not just be a student in a classroom. There are plenty of opportunities to network and to meet different people outside of the classroom. Go out there, go network and do extra curriculars and things will fall into place.

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Story and photography by: 
Stephanie Batista, sophomore Music Industry major

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