TRANSFERmation Tuesday: Jordan Jiosi

Jordan sitting at a table in Wilson with a window behind him.

Today we feature first-generation college student Jordan Jiosi from Medford Lakes, NJ (Burlington County). Jordan is a double major in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) and Mathematics (Statistics) and is in a Combined Advanced Degree Program for an MS in Computer Science. Jordan is a transfer from Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) and tells us about his transfer experience.

Tell us a little bit about your favorite class at Rowan so far.

The graduate Machine Learning course with Dr. Ho has been one of my favorite classes so far because I’ve been able to begin pulling all my skills from both major concentrations into an impactful research project in my domain and gain the attention of industry leaders.

Jordan standing by a set of stairs with a stack of textbooks.

Could you share with us one moment during your time at Rowan that made you feel inspired or confident that you’re in the right field for you?

Rowan has amazing, unique concentrations in the computer science and mathematics programs, which are completely unlike other competitor universities like Penn State. The statistics concentration in particular provides an incredible toolset for the realm of real-world problems I may encounter in industry. Genuinely, I’ve been blown away by the support and encouragement of my professors in attaining what is most important to me.

Jordan sitting on a couch in Wilson Hall studying on his iPad.

What has been one aspect of Rowan that you’ve enjoyed so far?

The high quality education and professors’ support have impressed me greatly; it’s refreshing to discover that there is never any shortage of opportunity to receive extra help or simply to discuss techniques and ideas with like-minded, erudite mentors.

Why continue with your education this year instead of taking a gap year?

Tennyson’s “Ulysses” greatly impacted my perspective on life after having come across the poem several years ago; I’m reminded that diligent perseverance and unwavering consistency persisting through tribulations are two paramount keys to accomplishing goals and appreciating success.

Jordan sitting on a set of stairs studying on his iPad.

What are your professional goals? And how is Rowan helping to support you in those goals?

My time at Rowan has been unforgettable: my peers and professors have enabled me to decompose highly complex problems with confidence through countless hours of discussion, competition and various derivative technical implementations.

I hope to leverage the skills I’ve fostered more deeply, such as leadership and both technical and entrepreneurial acumen, to assist my fellow human beings, achieve profound new discoveries in the STEM domain and begin new endeavors replete with adventure and growth.

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Story and photography by:  Stephanie Batista, sophomore Music Industry major

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