Meet #Rowan2025: Ethan Ochital from Livingston, NJ

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Today we welcome first-year student Ethan Ochital who will study Accounting and live on campus this fall. Ethan is from Livingston, NJ (Essex County) and attends Livingston High School.

Welcome to Rowan! Could you share with us one thing you are looking forward in college?

I am looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends.

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What is one hobby, activity, sport or club you were a part of in high school that you’d like to continue in college? 

I became interested in investing and stocks through my accounting and investing classes in high school, and I definitely want to continue exploring that interest of mine in college.

Is there anything you’re hoping to discover about yourself in college?

I am hoping to discover what my career interests are. I know I want to go into the business field, but I am not exactly sure what I want to be doing as a job, and I hope to figure that out in college.

Ethan taking a selfie with the Henry Rowan statue in front of Savitz wearing a mask.

What majors are you considering and why? 

I chose to major in Accounting because I took Accounting classes in high school, and I really enjoyed those classes. I also know I will have a lot of career options with an Accounting degree.

Did you tour Rowan or attend any virtual events?

I first attended a virtual admissions presentation at the beginning of last summer because I wanted to learn more about Rowan, and it was beneficial. I also did an in-person tour in November, which was also an important part of the decision-making process. I needed to see the campus and get a feel for it, rather than looking at it through pictures and videos online. I then toured Rowan again after I committed to experience the school again, and I really enjoyed it.

Ethan taking a selfie with a Rowan sweatshirt.

Do you have advice for other high school seniors who haven’t committed to a school yet? 

You should go with your gut and choose the school you feel most excited about going to because that is where you will ultimately be the happiest and enjoy your college experience the most.

What is one thing about Rowan itself that you liked?

I really liked how Rowan has so much to offer on campus. There are plenty of dining options, places to study, and things to do. I also really liked Rowan Boulevard which further complemented the offerings the campus already had.

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Story by:
Stephanie Batista, sophomore Music Industry major

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