Rowan Alumna Shares Advice with Future Profs

Amanda wears a cap and gown in front of a brick building.

Amanda Paton, a recent Rowan alumna, graduated summa cum laude as a triple major from the School of Earth and Environment. Here, she shares her experience and advice with future Profs!

How did Rowan prepare you for your professional goals?

My professors encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and taught me important skills outside of the standard curriculum.

Were you involved in any impactful pre-professional opportunities? 

My internship at Rowan was very helpful in preparing me for my professional career. My internship was with the National Guard GIS program run by Steve Berg. I did fieldwork to GPS various assets on the national guard bases in New Jersey, digitized the assets in the office using GIS, kept an inventory of the assets and created maps showing the assets on the bases. 

Amanda Paton in front of Henry Rowan Statue
Amanda Paton stands next to the Henry Rowan statue at her 2018 commencement from Rowan’s School of Earth and Environment.

What is your advice for those who are either preparing to attend or are transferring to Rowan?

Participate in as much as you can and get out of your comfort zone. There are so many people in the same position as you and feeling the same way as you.

What was your favorite accomplishment you achieved at Rowan?

My favorite accomplishment was graduating in three years, with three majors, summa cum laude. My three majors were Geographic Information Systems, Planning and Geography

Amanda at her School of Earth and Environment commencement
Amanda at her School of Earth and Environment commencement.

Was there a specific mentor who you would turn to if you had any problems along the way?

Megan Bucknum Ferrigno and Jen Kitson were always there to listen and offer advice for any issues I may have had.

What clubs/organizations (on- or off-campus) would you recommend to future Rowan first-year/transfer students?

Anything in the Geography department.

Did you use Rowan connections or networking opportunities to get you to the next professional step? If so, how?

I made a connection with my intern lead. They heard about a job opportunity from a previous intern. I applied to Colliers Engineering & Design, and that’s where I’ve worked for the past three years as a GIS Specialist.

I create, edit and manage various types of data specifically utilities and parcels. I create figures (maps) for site analysis showing wetlands, streams, flood zones, contours, etc. I create and maintain parcels and tax maps. I do fieldwork in which I collect GPS locations of various utilities, mainly assets for municipalities. I utilize ArcGIS Online to create web maps, story maps, dashboards, survey123 forms and more. 

Amanda with friends and fellow students at her commencement.

What should be on every Rowan student’s bucket list?

Go to Hollybash! 

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