Ayanna Johnson Reflects on New York City Pride Parade

Balloon arch and flag at pride parade

As we approach the end of Pride month, senior Ayanna Johnson shares her experience attending this year’s New York City Pride Parade.

Describe the feeling of being at this event.

“It is hard to describe the joy of pride but if I had to choose I would say magical, warm and accepted.”

Anything that stood out to you the most during this event?

“How many older people were still out supporting, they had to live through so much for us queer people to have the freedom to live.”

Ayanna wears a Pride flag at the New York Pride Parade.

Did this event have a positive impact on you? Why or why not?

“Yes, it definitely made me feel like I belonged somewhere special, around people who are like me and it felt nice to not have to be anxious about what if they find such a big part of you offensive.”

What if anything did you dislike about this event?

“There were so many people littering.”

You mentioned this was your favorite day of the year? Why is that?

“The day of the pride parade is like a second birthday for a lot of queer people, it is a time completely dedicated to loving who you want and it feels so special and awesome. Overall, the environment is amazing.”

Would you recommend others to attend this event in the future? Why or why not? 

“Everyone enjoys different environments, if you like being around people then it’s perfect but you don’t have to go to the parade to have pride in who you are.” 

One special thought?

“It feels good to lift up the chain of pretending to be something you’re not.” 

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Story by:
Nene Diallo, senior public relations major

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