Passing the Torch: Rowan STEM Majors See All the Possibilities

Alyssa smiles and stands in front of the Rowan arch.

“One thing I like is that you have a lot of options. Once you graduate, there’s so many fields you can go into,” says recent grad Margot Clarke about the Chemical Engineering program.

“And it’s something that you can take on with an open mind. I would say my biggest lesson was learn as you go.” 

Margot stands in front of Bunce Hall.

Margot, from Burlington County, NJ, is looking at positions in the pharmaceutical industry. She says she hasn’t accepted an offer yet but is “considering something right now.” 

Margot smiles and stands in Bunce Green.
Margot Clarke

Alyssa Salera of Gloucester County, NJ, who graduated with a degree in Biochemistry, plans to continue doing research at Rowan while applying for jobs and focusing on her long-term goal of medical school. 

“Personally, some of my friends are going to medical school, some of my friends are going to be pharmacists. And then I have a lot of friends who are going to get Ph.D.s and … research in different aspects of chemistry. The major is very diverse and you can really do whatever you want with it, which is really nice,” she says.

Alyssa stands in front of the Rowan arch.
Alyssa Salera

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