20 Minute Radius: Outdoor Roller Skating Rink Every Summer


Every year, Philadelphia hosts great outdoor activities to enjoy right in the heart of the city. In the summertime, you can easily find roller skaters of all ages having a blast right in front of City Hall in Center City at the Rothman Orthopaedics Roller Rink. Due to the pandemic, Center City District Parks allotted time in between each skating session for a cleaning. If you have your own skates, admission costs $10, and renting skates only costs $5. During their matinee sessions, you save $5 off the regular prices! The Rothman Roller Rink is open seasonally from April 30 to July 11.

Transportation to Philly is super easy when you take the PATCO Speedline into the city. The Woodcrest station is only 26 minutes from Rowan! From there, a ride to Philly only costs $2.60 one way (or $5.20 for a round trip) and it takes 25 minutes to get to the last station at 15th/16th & Locust, which is an 8-minute walk (or three blocks) to Dilworth Park.

A view of the back of City Hall in Philadelphia.

On the other side of Philly’s City Hall is Dilworth Park, where you can find roller skating in the summer and ice skating in the winter. Enjoy the classic beauty of Philadelphia and the hustle of the city. 

Rothman Roller Skating Rink in Dilworth Park with a checkerboard floor and neon rainbow decor.

This year, the Rothman Roller Rink is retro-inspired with a checkerboard and neon rainbow decor. The rink was a perfect place to film a TikTok or practice your favorite skating moves inspired by @anaocto or @dawsonish! If you need a locker, you can also bring your own lock!

Estia, a Greek restaurant in Philly, has great lighting and an intimate atmosphere.

Skating for an hour in the summer weather really helped us to build an appetite! We went to a Greek restaurant nearby called Estia. They had the kindest servers and a super stylish atmosphere.

Spanakopita, a Greek savory spinach pastry from Estia in Philly

There were lots of options for all kinds of diets! Spanakopita is a savory pastry with spinach and feta cheese. The menu offered meatless options as well as fish, lamb and nut-free dishes!

You can also enjoy the seasonal eats located in the park and the shopping centers all around Center City. Dilworth Park hosts many, many events throughout the year, including the popular Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market.

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Story and photos by: 
Marian Suganob, public relations and advertising graduate

Header image courtesy of: 
Caleb Russell via Unsplash

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