What Is Bunce Green?

Drone shot of Bunce Green.

Bunce Green is an iconic spot on campus and the setting for quite a few Rowan activities. Read more about what happens at Bunce Green and why it is a popular Rowan destination.

A student plays with his dog on Bunce Green.
A student plays with his dog on Bunce Green.

What is Bunce Green? 

In order to answer this question, we must first define what a green is. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a green is defined as “a grassy plain or plot: such as a common or park in the center of a town or village, or a putting green.” Bunce Green is the grassy plot in the center of Rowan’s campus. It is located in front of Rowan’s historic Bunce Hall. 

Drone shot of Bunce Hall.

What is Bunce Hall? 

Bunce Hall is Rowan’s first building, which welcomed students of the “The Glassboro Normal School” when it opened in 1923.

The structure is named after Glassboro Normal School’s second president, Dr. Edgar Bunce. It is the brick, stately building that we most associate with Rowan University. People often take graduation photos in front of Bunce Hall. 

A graduate poses with her family in front of Bunce Hall.

What do people do on Bunce Green?

Bunce Green is a great outdoor spot to hang out or study. It is a beautiful environment in the fall and spring.

Students study on Bunce Green.

Students, faculty and other members of the Rowan/Glassboro community like to run, walk, study, hang out and play games on Bunce Green.

Students play soccer on Bunce Green.

Sometimes there are special events at Bunce Green, such as events put on by the Student University Programmers, the President’s Welcome and Commencement!

One of 2019's commencement ceremonies.
One of 2019’s commencement ceremonies.

What’s so special about Bunce Green?

Bunce Green is where you start and end your Rowan career. Bunce Green is where the President’s Welcome during Welcome Week (a follow-up to Orientation) takes place in your first week of your first year. Bunce Green is also where graduation takes place after your last week of senior year. 

Two students talk on a bench at Bunce Green.

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