Meet Transfer Profs: 3 Marketing Majors from the Rohrer College of Business

An aerial photo of Rowan's business building.

Today we feature Marketing majors and transfer students Grace Massengale (she/her), Halle Lemanowicz (she/her), and Irany Cano from Gloucester County, Camden County, and Cumberland County respectively. The three tell us about their majors, why they’re excited to start classes at Rowan, and give advice to future transfer students.

Welcome to Rowan! Could you share with us one thing you are looking forward to at Rowan University?

Grace: One thing that I’m looking forward to at Rowan is being on campus and exploring all the new buildings. I can’t wait to go show my support at Rowan sporting events. Especially the track meets to watch my boyfriend and his teammates set new records for Rowan. There is just so much to do. I can’t wait to learn about things that will help me be successful in my career in the future.

Halle: I am looking forward to participating in clubs and activities through the campus and doing things I normally wouldn’t do.

Irany: The whole University experience! I earned most of my associate degree online. I hope to be more involved.

Grace poses for a photo wearing Rowan apparel.

Incoming transfer student Grace Massengale

What is one hobby, activity, sport or club that you’re involved in that you’d like to continue at Rowan?

Halle: I would like to join the ASL club to continue learning sign language and about the Deaf/hard of hearing community.

Is there anything you’re hoping to discover about yourself at Rowan? Grow a new skill? Try a new interest?

Grace: I would love to see and learn about all the clubs Rowan has to offer. I would love to get involved and meet new people with my same interests.

Halle: I am hoping to get out of my shell, socialize more, and do fun things that the campus sets up.

Irany: Excited to be back in school and continue to pursue my professional goals. I would also like to learn new languages and be multilingual.

Please share an interest, hobby or like that you have!

Grace: I love working out in the morning and listening to music. It’s a great way to start my day. It makes me feel energized and motivated. I know that Rowan has a gym on campus for their students which is really nice!

Halle: I love painting and all types of art. I have even started my own side business selling my art.

Irany: Being a mom & spending time with my dogs is the highlight of my day. But I also enjoy margaritas & taco nights.

Halle poses for a picture.

Incoming transfer student Halle Lemanowicz

What major are you pursuing and why?

Grace: I’m pursuing Marketing. I know Rowan has an amazing business program and I always have had a creative side to me. Marketing is a great way to be intellectual, but also creative.

Halle: I am a Marketing major. I chose this because I am hoping to pursue Social Media Marketing because I enjoy using social media and would love to promote products through photos and videos.

Irany: Business Marketing, I hope to get a job in an Advertising Agency. Manifesting working for Gucci eventually.

Do you have advice for other transfers who haven’t committed to a school yet?

Grace: It’s okay to be unsure of what the next step in your journey may be. Transferring doesn’t have to be stressful. It was very easy for me to transfer to Rowan. The process was simple and quick. Just trust your gut and go with it!

Halle: Even though I haven’t started at Rowan yet, I am very excited to start. The orientation was amazing and made me very happy and excited to go and start my journey at Rowan. Everyone was so friendly and answered questions we had. It seems like a great and happy environment and I can’t wait to see what opportunities it holds.

Irany: It’s never too late, you have to push yourself and work on you.

Irony Cano poses in a car.

Incoming transfer student Irany Cano

Where are you going to live this upcoming year?

Grace: Commute from home.

Halle: Commute from home.

Irany: Commute from home.

What is one thing about Rowan itself that you liked that encouraged you to enroll?

Grace: I liked the campus a lot. They are always updating the buildings and it’s just really nice to walk around. Student life at Rowan is great too. A lot of people are involved. Whether they are in a sport or club. I’ve met so many people who have shown me that you can be a student at Rowan and an athlete. You can have time for your school work, but also be involved in many clubs.

Halle: Rowan is a great, close college near my home that seems like a great environment for me.

Irany: The Garden State program!

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Story by:
Joseph Conte, junior community and environmental planning major

Photos courtesy of:
Grace Massengale, Halle Lemanowicz, Irany Cano

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