Summer Session: Painting Campus Landmarks with Art Education Major Brooke Bryant

Brooke talks to professor Alicia Finger while working on a painting in class.

Brooke Bryant (she/her), a senior Art Education major from Cumberland County, guides us through a summer session of an Introduction to Watercolor class with Professor Alicia Finger. Brooke talks to us about why she likes the class, the strengths of Rowan’s Art Education program, and some of the work she’s done in the class.

What got you interested in registering for this class?

I was always interested in watercolor, and I saw that it was offered in the summer. I thought it was also interesting to do outside art versus always doing indoor classes. Summer’s a good time to be outdoors.

Brooke sits holding a painting outside.

What is your favorite thing you’ve done in this class so far?

My favorite one I did was [the] art installation and architecture over by Discovery Hall. I think it came out really good.

Brooke's watercolor of the Time Sweeps installation is held in front of Discovery Hall.

Brooke’s painting of the Time Sweeps installation

Could you tell us the name of the class and a little bit about it?
So this class is Intro to Watercolor, and it starts from still lifes, landscape architecture, and a lot of outdoor and indoor things.

Could you tell us about one of your paintings?

So this painting (seen below) is behind the Engineering building in the wooded path. I really like how my painting captures the rocks, the water and the little bit of the building. It feels like summer.

Brooke paints a wooded scene behind the engineering building.

Brooke painting a wooded path on campus

It seems like in this class you get to explore many areas of the campus, could you talk a little about that?

During this watercolor class, we were able to explore more of the campus — places I didn’t even know existed, like this trail, different art installations around the campus, and we were able to do them in watercolor.

How has the class helped progress your skills?

I feel that I’ve progressed through this class by learning how to capture lights and darks using the watercolor, because I was a little intimidated. In the beginning [it] can be challenging, but the more you practice, the better you get.

Brooke paints a watercolor scene of the Rowan welcome gate with flowers.

Brooke painting Rowan University’s welcome gate

Could you tell us about your experience with the class, Professor Alicia Finger, and the Art Education program as a whole?

Throughout this watercolor class, I really liked that Alicia frequently comes around and gives us little tips and hints on how to make it [the paintings] better. She’s constantly giving good feedback and encouraging us to keep trying.

As an Art Education major, my experience with the three hour classes [is that they] allow you to be real close to your professors, your peers, and you become comfortable with them, and are not afraid to ask them questions about classes to take or questions you may have with your assignments.

Brooke converses with professor Alicia Finger.

Brooke converses with Professor Alicia Finger

Why did you choose Rowan?

I was a transfer student. I always loved art education, and I heard that they had a really good art program here. I have always had a passion for art education.

See Brooke’s watercolor class in this video:

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Story by:
Joseph Conte, junior music industry major

Video edited by:
Victoria Quinn, senior radio/TV/film major

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