Hispanic Heritage Month #PROFspective: Advertising and Public Relations Dual Major Angie Murillo

An aerial photograph of Rowan University's Bunce Hall.

Today, as part of our Hispanic Heritage Month #PROFspective series, we feature senior Angie Murillo. Angie is a dual major in Advertising and Public Relations and is from Phillipsburg, NJ (Warren County). She is also a transfer student from Raritan Valley Community College and a first-generation college student.

What is your student experience here at Rowan?

The professors are so helpful. [They] love it when you ask for help, and it is their job to guide you.

Be optimistic, open minded and keep moving forward towards your dreams. You need to be more [out]spoken and interact with any discussion, have fun in class, and always ask for help if you have a question. 

How did you find your friend group here at Rowan?

Roommates (Girls Ice Hockey Team), classes and PRSSA.

Angie smiles in a dorm.

Are you involved on campus? How so? (Academic clubs, social clubs, sports, working on campus, etc.)


How would you describe inclusion? Could you highlight a Rowan classroom or campus experience that was inclusive and made an impact on you?

Being open and up for any task given. I was always a shy kid and felt as if I never knew what was going on in class. However, after joining PRSSA and being active in class, I was so excited to present or give any discussion about a specific topic or project.

I never knew how confident I could be in-front of the classroom and talking about advertising and public relations. 

Do you have a role model or mentor here at Rowan?

Everyone in the Advertising and Public Relations department. 

Angie poses outdoors wearing a graduation cap.

What advice would you give to a Hispanic/Latinx high school student considering your major here at Rowan?

Don’t lay back and pretend classes are going to be an easy A. Try to have fun in class and put your ideas on paper. Who knows, maybe someday you’ll be working for one of the best advertising agencies.

Don’t let an opportunity within your education experience pass you by. It is only a matter of time that you will be out in the work force and wishing you were back in college again.

Also, do not be shy to ask for an extension or for help. Our department gives you all the tools for you to be the best student and future advertising and public relations professional.

I’m so glad I chose Rowan University as my transfer school because it provided me with a great community, friends and education. I’ve had 4-5 different internships since I transferred from my community college, and I’m so grateful for these beautiful opportunities as a first generation college student.

What are your professional goals?

Create an ad that will make it onto the Super Bowl commercials.

Angie poses indoors next to a sign which reads "Good Morning".

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Story by:
Natalie DePersia, senior public relations major

Photos courtesy of: 
Angie Murillo

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