#PROFspective: Senior Lauren Cooper Says “Opportunities for Molecular and Cellular Biology Majors are Endless”

Rowan University Molecular and Cellular Biology major Lauren conducts research inside Discovery Hall.

Lauren Cooper is a senior here at Rowan University, from Sussex County, NJ. Lauren is majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) along with her minors in pre-medical and chemistry

Why did you choose Rowan?

I chose Rowan because it felt like home when I stepped on campus. I loved the size of the school, it wasn’t too small but it also wasn’t too big.

Rowan University Molecular and Cellular Biology major Lauren works on a tablet inside Discovery Hall.

Can you tell us a little bit about your major? 

As a MCB major, I study how organisms work on a molecular and chemical level. I also get to do research with other students and professors, which allows me to apply what I have learned to real life!

What do you view as the impact of your major on society?

Digging deeper, Lauren shared the way her studies correspond with something bigger, sharing: “MCB majors can make an impact on society by discovering new treatments for diseases and discovering new pathways in organisms. MCB majors are also prepared for medical school. The opportunities for MCB majors are endless!”

Rowan University Molecular and Cellular Biology major Lauren smiles outside the Discovery Hall building on campus.

What clubs, organizations, or sports teams have you been a part of on campus? Or events you’ve enjoyed attending?

Shifting the focus to extracurricular activities Lauren discussed what she does outside the classroom, shares she was a member of the NCAA field hockey team first year and second year. In addition to that, she also partook in club lacrosse during her first year. She adds, “I was also the founding treasurer of Rowan CHAARG. Lastly, I have been a member of Rowan club field hockey for the last years where I am now the social chair!”

Which ONE club, organization, event, or friend group here has been the most meaningful to you? How has this aspect of campus impacted your Rowan experience or your personal growth?

Pulling directly from the heart, Lauren delves into what has impacted her the most during her time at Rowan exclaiming that “my roommates are the most meaningful to me as I met them playing field hockey freshman year for the NCAA team! They have made my experience at Rowan one I will never forget. They are always there when I need them and they have supported me for the last four years. Although I will miss living with them, I know we will all support each other in our endeavors.”

Rowan University Molecular and Cellular Biology major Lauren conducts research using a microscope inside Discovery Hall.

What responsibilities are you juggling on a typical day?

On a typical day in the life of Lauren, she finds herself juggling going to the gym, going to class, studying, going to practice, and making time for herself to reset for the next day.

Although having many responsibilities to juggle with only so many hours in the day, the most important thing to Lauren is having time management skills to balance everything she needs to accomplish each day. 

Are there any professors here who have stood out to you? Why?

Considering the vast amount of courses Lauren has taken over her time here at Rowan, we asked her to narrow her gaze and pinpoint a professor who shined among the rest, and she chose Dr. [Benjamin] Carone.

She adds, “Dr. Carone has stood out to me as a professor at Rowan. He knows how to keep students engaged in class & describes the material in class in a way that is able to be understood. He is also approachable with questions.”

Rowan University Molecular and Cellular Biology major Lauren (left) poses with two friends in front of a weeping willow tree.

Where do you like to spend your time on campus? Whether it’s for hanging out, napping or food!

On a campus with so many things to do and offer for students, Lauren has managed to find some key things she always turns to during her downtime. She says, “I like to spend my time hanging out with my roommates at our off-campus house or grabbing food with them at Landmark Americana!”

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Story by:
Asiya Robinson, junior writing arts major

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