Why Rowan is My Home Away from Home

Valentina is standing with her fellow dancers.

Today we hear from Valentina Giannattasio, a sophomore Dance and Marketing double major and Rowan Blog Digital Content Contributor who hails from Argentina. In this first-person perspective, Valentina talks about the opportunities that she was met with at this University as a student and dancer. Making memorable friendships and accomplishments, she dives into her experience.

Since I first arrived in the USA, Rowan has been my home away from home.

My first year as an international student far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I become the fundraising and community service chair of Rowan University Dance Team, but also the service chair of Rowan Dance Extensions. Being a member of two different organizations gave me the opportunity of creating wonderful experiences and memories that will last forever, such as going to Disney for UDA nationals or hanging out together to watch The Swan Lake (ballet). Besides, because we all share similar passions and ideas, we build strong bonds that soon after developed into astonishing friendships. Today, they are the ones that help me overcome the difficulty of living far from my home and family.

Valentina practices dance in Memorial Hall.
Author Valentina Giannattasio

Rowan has also provided me with my first job opportunity. Here I learned how to develop my skills and techniques at the time of taking and editing photos as well as how to communicate openly with different students.

As a photographer for Rowan Enrollment Management and Marketing Team, I have been able to work with amazing people that helped me feel comfortable and adapt faster to the huge cultural change. In addition, I have been able to get involved on campus while photographing students and faculty. There is no doubt that so far this job and the amazing people I have been working with were an exceptional part of my college experience.

Valentina is sitting by the Prof statue on campus.

Double majoring at Rowan has been a mind-blowing experience. As a Marketing major, I have had the opportunity to join multiple speeches, fairs, showcases, etc., that have helped me get involved with current successful professionals around the area. Not only that, but as a business major, I had been able to learn more about myself and my future goals.

In addition, as a Dance major, I have been able to explore my passion and discover what modern dance and art mean to me. I have grown not only as a dancer but also as a performer as I had the opportunity of being cast in the Fall (2021) Dance main stage production “Making Good Trouble” and Spring 2022 Choreography Showcase.

Rowan received me with open arms! I had been able to achieve multiple goals in the last year. It is fair to say that this would have never been possible without all the support I have at Rowan. I am excited to see what my future at Rowan holds, as I am sure that each year is going to be better and better.

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Story by:
Valentina Giannattasio, dance and marketing double major

Produced by:
Jada Johnson, political science major

Photography by:
Valentina Giannattasio

Header photo: Valentina (second from left) and fellow Dance majors pose in front of the art installation “Time Sweeps” outside of Discovery Hall.

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