From Salem Community College to Rowan University: Meet Transfer Prof Charmaine Harris

Charmaine Harris outside with her children

Charmaine Harris is a first generation college transfer student from Salem, New Jersey, having previously attended Salem Community College. At Rowan University, Charmaine has plans on commuting from home to study Sociology, as it works to explore the diversity of every culture and broadens the mindset of each individual in the field.

Charmaine Harris posing in a car in a yellow top.

At Salem Community College, Charmaine was on the Dean’s List every semester, and has plans to continue to strive for that goal. She is excited to continue her education and gain more insight to share with her peers and family. To stay involved around campus, Charmaine has an interest in the Educational Opportunity Fund Club, which works to provide support services to students with educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds in the State of New Jersey. Through all of this, Charmaine is hoping to gain new skills and become a student leader during her college career. 

To balance her academic curriculum, Charmaine has passions for poetry, spoken word, and creative writing, but her favorite hobby is being a mother. She can be seen with her children on vacation and playing in the snow.

Welcome to Rowan University, Charmaine!

Charmaine Harris and her children in the snow

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Written by Jordyn Dauter, a Dance and Elementary Education double major
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