Top 14 Must-Have Dorm Essentials for Rowan University First-Year Students: A Parent’s Guide to Starting Strong

As the last beach breezes begin to blow, college move-in creeps up closer and closer. Many students are returning to their own stomping grounds here at Rowan University. However, much of the student body comprises first-year students heading into the unknown as they begin their higher education careers. Outside of books and other stationery, there are many essential items for a first-year student to pack when moving into the residence halls on campus for the first time. So here’s a guide on what to bring on your way to campus to drop off your student.

A look inside the Rowan Blvd apartments.

Mattress topper: will make your student’s bed extremely comfortable and a more expensive one is definitely worth the splurge since it can last multiple years of living in student housing. 

Organizers: whether this is bins, or a cubicle storage shelf unit, some form of organization is a must. It helps to keep the room decluttered and allows you to make room for the stuff you own and the new stuff you will possess as the semester progresses. 

Bedside caddy: these can act as a sort of nightstand, and allow everything someone needs to be at arm’s reach while in bed.

The exterior of underclassmen dorm Mimosa Hall.
Mimosa Hall is not pretty, but is probably in the best location of all first-year student residence halls.

Ottoman: allows for more storage space and can be used as a seat and boost onto raised beds.

Over the door mirror: perfect for getting ready for class.

Laundry backpack or laundry basket with wheels: Limits the heaviness of carrying clothes to laundry rooms, especially for those students whose rooms may be farther away from laundry rooms.

A fully decorated boys dorm room

Biodegradable paper plates and silverware: while having plastic eatery works, having some that can be tossed after use is good for nights when you don’t feel like doing any dishes.

Desk lamp with USB: these lamps are affordable and allow for an extra charge for your phone or laptop.

Decor: helps bring the room together and makes it really feel like a home.

Over the shower caddy (for sharing with a suite): allows for storage in the bathroom and keeps items organized.

Shower caddy (personal items): easy to carry and allows for bathroom items to stay organized so nothing gets left behind during trips to the bathroom to shower.

Fully decorated apartment bathroom.

Power strips: allows for more use of electrical items in dorms which usually have limited outlets. Pro tip: extension cords are against the rules, leave those at home.

Window fan: for dorms without air-conditioning this allows more airflow to beat the September heat (it doesn’t stay really hot in the dorms after that).

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Story by: Asiya Robinson, junior writing arts major

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