My Favorite Class: Concert Choir, Perfect for Non-Music Majors Too

Close up of two singers at the concert choir.

This story is a part of the “My Favorite Class” series.

In this first-person perspective, sophomore music major and advertising major Alaina Leinze, from Woolwich Township, NJ (Gloucester County) shares her passion and joy as a student in Concert Choir. Feel free to follow Concert Choir on Instagram at rowanchoirs

Let me introduce you to my favorite class at Rowan University. While I thoroughly enjoy all of my classes that provide a creative outlet, my absolute favorite class is the Concert Choir. Under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Thomas, this class unites students from diverse backgrounds, coming together four days a week to create beautiful choral music for performances at various venues throughout the academic year.

A far away shot of the entire group of concert choir, showing about 100 people singing.
Concert Choir in session

Why is this class relevant to non-music majors?

Most importantly, Concert Choir fulfill the artistic literacy Rowan Core requirement that we all have to take. I have found that Concert Choir is Rowan’s best kept secret – many students who take this class say it feels more like a club, less like a class. That is satisfies the artistic literacy requirement in a meaningful, fun way is an added plus. Students from this class come from across the university – science majors, engineering majors, communication majors, you name it. 

In addition, this class also gives the opportunity to express yourself and learn a skill you may not even know you have. Singing can boost self confidence, improve your vocal abilities and performance skills, which are all transferable skills to business environments after graduation.

Likewise, meeting new people and singing together fosters a sense of camaraderie and can help non-music majors make new friends in this post-COVID world where that seems to be so much harder, and build a strong support network on campus.

How has this class supported your academic and professional growth?

Enrolling in this class has significantly bolstered my confidence. As a double major in music and advertising, I’ve been given the unique opportunity to manage the rowanchoirs Instagram and Facebook accounts. This real-world experience in advertising and networking is something I wouldn’t have gained otherwise. Every day, the motivation to attend this class and do what I love drives me to excel in my other classes throughout the day.

A close up of two singers holding microphones singing.

Where do you envision yourself in the future?

My aspirations revolve around graduating next year and securing a job that allows me to merge my passion for music and advertising. Ideally, I see myself working in a major city such as Philadelphia or New York City, handling advertising campaigns and social media for a music venue. Additionally, I would love to direct a choir, drawing inspiration from my experiences in the Concert Choir.

Singing is one of my true passions, and this class offers me the perfect opportunity to pursue it while forging meaningful relationships with others who share my interests.

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By Alaina Lieze, sophomore music and advertising double major

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