One Rowan University Pharmaceutical Science Graduate Student’s Professional Goals & Career Aspirations

Pintu stands outside an academic building.

This story is one within a multi-part series highlighting the aspirations, hopes and dreams of a few of Rowan University’s international students. Read the other stories

Meet Pintu Miah, a graduate student and international student from Dhaka, Bangladesh, majoring in pharmaceutical science.

What is your long-term professional goal or dream career?

“Presently, I am actively engaged in conducting research within a laboratory focused on behavioral neuroscience. As a dedicated participant in this behavioral neuroscience lab, my overarching objective is to make substantive contributions to the comprehension of the intricate interplay between behavior and the nervous system. Consequently, my enduring aspiration revolves around pursuing a vocation that enables me to substantially impact this realm. Among the potential avenues, the realms of academia and research emerge as the most promising pathways through which I can effectively channel my contributions to this field.”

Are you involved in internships, clubs, networking, etc. here at Rowan? If so, please share what they are and how they support your goals. 

“Currently, I am a teacher assistant this semester. I will assist in General Biology Lab for the entire semester.”

Pintu stands smiling, with his arms across his chest, with a rock sculpture arch behind him.

What Rowan professors or Rowan classes have been most helpful and enlightening to you, and how?

“To begin with, the majority of the professors at Rowan University exhibit a commendable level of assistance and support toward their students. In the duration of my academic journey thus far, I have had the privilege of encountering several of these esteemed faculty members. I am inclined to remark that their affability and willingness to assist surpassed even my initial expectations. Among these distinguished educators, Professor Thomas Keck distinctly stands out as an exemplar, excelling not only in pedagogical prowess but also in his capacity as an exceptional mentor—an individual of the highest caliber I have had the privilege of encountering.

“Furthermore, a noteworthy mention must be accorded to Professor Subash Jonnaladda, who imparted my inaugural course at Rowan University. His extensive breadth of knowledge and the manner in which he conveyed the subject matter left a lasting impression. Professor Jonnaladda’s pedagogical approach and profound understanding truly captivated me, serving as a testament to the quality of education offered within the institution.”

How will this degree support your dreams and goals?

“Previously, I articulated my prospective objective of assuming the role of an academician or a researcher. It is with complete candor that I acknowledge my prior educational institution, NSU in Bangladesh, as the initial cultivator of this aspiration within me. Presently, Rowan University has undertaken the role of nurturing and fostering this aspiration, affording me a nurturing environment and access to its comprehensive resources. Rowan University stands as an institution equipped with all the requisite components to facilitate students’ pursuit of research excellence. As an individual beneficiary of this environment, I am experiencing personal growth and advancement, flourishing within the exceptional academic ambiance fostered by Rowan University.

“Moreover, the curriculum of the pharmaceutical sciences program is meticulously structured, encompassing both theoretical erudition and pragmatic application. This dual-focused design equips students with the necessary acumen to proficiently navigate their forthcoming professional engagements. Particularly noteworthy is my optimism regarding my capacity to seize the opportunities afforded by this program and thereby achieve success within my chosen sphere of interest.”

Pintu sits casually in a chair.

Could you share your thoughts on the international student community here at Rowan? Were you able to connect with people from home? Meet new friends? How?

“The international community within Rowan University is notably robust and characterized by its active engagement in diverse events and initiatives. The pivotal role played by Rowan University’s International Center in expanding and fortifying this community is particularly striking. The Center’s commitment to aiding international students is evident, corroborated by the feedback of several acquaintances within Rowan University. Furthermore, the international community’s unwavering dedication to conducting their endeavors is readily apparent throughout the university campus.”

Why did you choose Rowan?

“Rowan University stands as one of the most rapidly advancing educational institutions within the United States of America. [Editor note: At date of publication we are the 4th fastest growing university in the country.]The university offers an array of substantial opportunities to its student body, thereby significantly contributing to their professional trajectories. The presence of a vibrant and inclusive international community further solidifies its appeal as an academic choice. Particularly noteworthy is the university’s program curriculum, meticulously designed to deliver comprehensive knowledge and skill acquisition. Moreover, Rowan University’s provision of cutting-edge research facilities has decisively influenced my decision to align myself with this esteemed institution.”

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior double major in dance & elementary education

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