3 Seniors Share What’s Next After Graduation

Rowan University graduates cross the stage at graduation, hugging faculty and smiling.

Rowan University Seniors Shed Insight On Their Professional Goals, Hopes & Dreams

Nick Carney, a senior biomedical engineering major from Flemington, NJ (Hunterdon County):

Nick Carney sitting outside of Science Hall. He is posing while wearing his lab coat.

Currently, Nick is participating in research, in hopes of attending graduate school in the future. His main goal is to work in pharmaceuticals. Nick is a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society, Club Swim, and he interns at CBE Consultants. The Engineering Clinic that Nick has been a part of have been really helpful. They allow him to work on solving real world problems. For Nick, this degree is a stepping stone to help solve real world problems and provide a better future for everyone.

Maya Solomon, a senior and transfer health & communication science major with a minor in psychology from Livingston, NJ (Essex County):

Maya Solomon sitting inside Discovery Hall. She is working on her laptop.

Right now, Maya’s short-term goal is to land an internship/part time job on campus with the Autism Path program or accessibility services. Long-term, Maya wants to become a disability advocate in the workplace. Presently, she is a part of the health and science communication club, which will help her gain the appropriate knowledge to be the most effective advocate she can be. 

So far at her time at Rowan, the two most helpful professors to her have been Dr. Miles Coleman and Dr. Amy Reed.

“Dr. Coleman always made an effort to make class material not only easy to understand but fun to learn. He made every effort to make sure students succeeded in his class,” Maya says. Dr. Reed was a godsend during her first semester after transferring. There was a point where Maya thought she was going to fail Dr. Reed’s class but she saw that Maya had potential and knew that she needed a lot of assistance, which Dr. Reed was more than willing to provide. Dr. Reed went above and beyond to ensure that Maya could succeed and she doesn’t think she could ever thank her enough for everything Dr. Reed did to help her out.

Monica Torres, a senior computer science major with a concentration in software engineering from Jersey City, NJ (Hudson County):

Monica Torres posing outside, leaning on a tree branch. She is wearing a dark green hoodie with her hair pulled back.

Monica is an Intern at Bristol Myers Squibb as a process enhancement specialist. She will transition into a full time role in their digital accelerated development program after graduating. Her main goal is to make a difference in her community and to be a role model for young girls in the STEM field. At Rowan, Monica most enjoyed Computer Lab Techniques with Professor Darren Provine and learning about how Elvis works. She also enjoyed Professor Mohamed Mansaray’s Computer Organization course. He gave a lot of good advice for her major. Getting this degree will help Monica show other women and girls that they can follow their dreams and they can work in a male-dominated field.

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior double major in dance & elementary education

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