A Path to Public Health: A Rowan University Senior Health & Science Communication Major’s Journey and Professional Goals [VIDEO]

Sedrick standing outside with leaves and trees in the background

Exploring Health Science Communication: Insights and Achievements from Sedrick Golden

Meet Sedrick Golden, a senior health & science communication major and transfer student from Mays Landing, NJ (Atlantic County.)

Sedrick stands in a serious manner, with arms crossed, on the yellow lines in the middle of a quiet street in Glassboro.

How will this degree support your dreams and goals?

“This degree will help support my dreams and goals because between my coursework, lived experiences, and some of the work I’ve done at Rowan University already, I have already become familiar and aware of various health topics and conversations as they exist currently. In addition to this, I’ve become fluent in conversing with different people, communities, and cultures; which in my opinion is a major plus when it comes to wanting to work within a public sector where you’ll be interacting with a multitude of different people coming from diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

“Finally, I would like to mention how in the time since I started my degree at Rowan three years ago, I’ve learned that not a lot of public health professionals hold degrees in communication, specifically around health and scientific topics. Most seem to have degrees in business or policy, so I think it would be a nice change of pace to have someone such as myself who’s been taught specifically about this professional field and has some experience actually being a member of some of the communities that see various health disparities afflict its people at disproportionate rates.”

Sedrick sits against the brick wall of an academic building.

What Rowan professors or Rowan classes have been most helpful and enlightening to you, and how?

“Dr. Amy Reed, Dr. Joy Cypher, as well as Professor Stephanie Kneeshaw-Price are professors who have been really helpful and insightful during my time here at Rowan. Dr. Reed and Dr. Cypher have always been available to answer any questions or provide any advice to me in regards to where I can further apply my skills or what other avenues would best suit me for expanding my knowledge, wants, and interests when it comes to the public health sector at all.

“Professor Kneeshaw-Price has also been a huge driver of my developing an interest in public health. Her Intro to Public Health and Wellness course, as well as class discussions, were big proponents in helping me understand and begin to view that ‘Everything is public health.’ Professor Kneeshaw-Price’s classes also helped me realize how under-appreciated and undervalued community health is until a neighborhood has become completely run down and its residents are forced to move out and find more adequate housing.”

Sedrick sitting outside on a rock near Robinson Circle. He is sitting with his hands folded and his gaze at the camera.

What internships, clubs, networking, etc. are you involved in and how do they support your goals?

“I was previously an intern at the Wellness Center. This internship helped support me by bringing me out of my shell slightly and connecting me with other like-minded interns who valued teamwork, transparent communication, and adaptability during unpredictable situations. I also became more involved and engaged with the Rowan community and got to interact with the student body; most of which hailing from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities.”

What are some of your current goals?

“I believe that the first move would be to land a healthcare-related job; probably entry level, that way my foot is in the door. At this point in time, I haven’t really thought too much about graduate school or if I would/should even pursue it at all. I did manage to land my first ‘professional’ job at Atlanticare this past August, so if all goes well there, I could probably see some internal promotion within the company and put in touch with the right people who could help further my career goals.

“My long-term goal is to become a public health specialist or even an epidemiologist and use my position to become involved with either research, policy, or a mix of the two so that I can assist in breaking down barriers that prevent diverse populations and communities from accessing healthcare services and facilities.”

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Written by: Jordyn Dauter, junior double major in dance & elementary education

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