#PROFspective: Physics Major Nabil Jamhour

Nabil walks down the stairs in James Hall at Rowan University

Today, we speak with Nabil Jamhour, a junior physics major from Clifton (Passaic County), NJ, who lives on campus in Mimosa Hall. Nabil will share his #PROFspective with us on what it’s like to be a Rowan University student and how he’s getting the most out of his college experience as a Rowan Prof.

In Science Hall, Nabil stand smiling in front of the planetarium.Name: Nabil N. Jamhour
Major: Physics
Minors: Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Arabic, Certificate of Undergraduate Study in Java
Year: Junior
Hometown and County: Clifton, NJ (Passaic County)
On Campus Resident: Yes, Mimosa Hall
Academic clubs: Resident Hall Association
Social clubs: Muslim Student Association

Do you work on campus?

I am an office assistant at the ASCEND department. Some of the things I do consist of:

  • Direct students and parent inquiries, answer/direct phone calls and walk-ins.
  • Data entry and filing, assist staff with projects and uphold policies of the office.
  • Maintain department’s social media accounts, update pertinent information including announcements, programs, forms, and accomplishments.Nabil sitting outside on a bench.
  • Developed and now maintain the ASCEND department website.

I am also a Resident Assistant of 2 years, at Mimosa Hall. Some of the things I do as an RA consist of:

  • Promote the development of a safe, supportive and inclusive residential community.
  • Coordinate and implement educational, social, and recreational programs.
  • Enforce and uphold university policies.

Nabil standing outside of Mimosa Hall, smiling.

Why did you choose your major? I originally started at Rowan with a mathematics major with the intentions of switching it to electrical & computer engineering. However, as my sophomore year was coming to an end I had to make a final decision if I was going to continue pursuing that idea or change my major. After realizing that there would be more computer software courses I changed my mind. Instead I wanted to be a physics major. I realized this after liking all of my physics courses and also having a liking for math. I believe the major suits me well since I am an analyzer, like problem solving, question why certain phenomena occur, and I am really fascinated with more than one aspect of science. I think physics can be the missing puzzle piece to all of that.

One reason why you chose Rowan? I was planning on attending my local community college. I believe it was miraculous when Rowan’s Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program reached out to me in late May just when I was on the verge of applying to community college. EOF offered me a chance to attend Rowan once I succeeded from the Pre-College Institute program which is a trial program to test and observe whether students are prepared for college. I was very thankful for the opportunity and remain humble as I took full advantage of that opportunity. That is why I am here at Rowan today. 

Nabil standing outside of the ASCEND Office.

My typical day as a Rowan student: It is so strange, I have a constant habit of waking up about 15 minutes before my alarm sounds every morning. Those 15 minutes are precious to us college students however, it does reassure that I am not late for class or work. Mondays and Thursdays are my earliest start of the day throughout the week having to wake to up at 8:15 am to attend my office assistant job at the ASCEND Department at 9:15 am. I usually eat a light breakfast in my dorm before heading there. I work until 12 noon and then head to my IOOP class (Introduction to Object Oriented Programming) at 12:30 pm after a quick brunch, then after IOOP I have Calculus 3 at 2 pm. I have those same courses on Wednesday, giving me a lot of down later in the evening which allows me to go to the gym, study, get dinner with a friend, or host one of my Resident Assistant programs. Tuesdays allow me to get some homework done in between my Philosophy of Science class at 2 pm and Arabic IV at 6:30 pm. Later that evening I have my weekly Resident Assistant staff meeting at 9:30 pm. I prefer using Monday through Wednesday for restocking on grocery, scheduling meetings, or taking on duty nights as a Resident Assistant. That leaves me with the busiest day of the week: Thursday. I have work in the morning like I mentioned earlier; IOOP lab at 12:30 pm; Philosophy of Science at 2 pm; Another session of work study at the ASCEND office; Then Arabic IV at 6:30 pm. Even though it can be hectic I merely look at it as a challenge that I can Nabil smiling in Savitz Hall.consistently overcome preparing me for future work loads I may come across. After Thursday’s complex schedule I have an easygoing day on Friday with just Calculus 3 at 2 pm and the rest of the weekend to relax, catch up with friends, watch anime, apply for internships and prepare for the upcoming week. Developing a positive and determined mindset has undoubtedly been a big factor to overcoming my harshest daily obstacles throughout the semester.

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