Rowan Playa Bowls & Stunited: Student Businesses Create and Collaborate

Stunited bowl in Playa Bowls

Inside Playa Bowls on the Rowan Blvd, with Stunited stickerOn a spring day just before final exams, one of the newest student-managed businesses added to the Rowan Boulevard, Playa Bowls, and student-developed business Stunited joined together for a day of creation, collaboration and promotion.

“I’m a huge fan of Playa Bowls and when I heard they were coming to Rowan, I thought this would be a great opportunity for Stunited to collaborate with a new business on campus because it’ll have a higher effect and hype around it. I wanted to take advantage of that so I called the manager [senior public relations and advertising double major Joelle Voza] and we linked up and created this awesome promotional day,” says John Rondi, senior Rohrer College of Business student, creator of Stunited, an app connecting students across campus with studying services.Stunited team inside Rowan Playa Bowls

The event advertised both businesses to the Rowan campus, offering free Playa Bowls to those who participated in a social media contest, and 15% off to customers who downloaded the Stunited app.

Leading up to the event, Playa Bowls student employees took the Stunited team behind the scenes to make their own bowls. The special-featured bowl on the day of the event was the Stunited Bowl, featuring a blue fruit blend with blueberries, mango, banana and granola. A How-To video was created and shared by Stunited on Instagram, encouraging engagement amongst Rowan students, and giving a glimpse into what these entrepreneurial students are doing and how they come together to grow and share ideas.

Jessica Brady and Christian Chadwick, senior environmental studies majors enjoying Playa Bowls at the Stunited Event
Jessica Brady and Christian Chadwick, senior environmental studies majors, enjoying Playa Bowls at the Stunited Event

“I’m typically a more shy person, but being manager here pushes me out of my comfort zone and challenges me. I love to guide and motivate people and it’s great that I get to work together with Rowan students as the other employees. Having a manager position as a student gives me more opportunities as I graduate and has taught me so much,” says Joelle, who is from Lyndhurst (Bergen County.)

“I’m excited to continue to do this with other Playa Bowls, after seeing the success of this event. This business is relatively new, and students always want to see the best new deal, best new place, so why not collaborate with the best new app,” adds John, who is from Wayne (Passaic County.)

RU up to date with what our students are doing around campus and how they’re promoting their own businesses? Check out more from Playa Bowls and Stunited and be inspired to pursue your own endeavors here at Rowan. #GoBowlsDeep #MatchMessageConnect

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Story and photos by:
Vanessa Vause, junior public relations and advertising double major

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