Senior #PROFspective: Health & Exercise Science Major

A transfer from Salem Community College, senior Harrison Goblentz will graduate with a degree in health and exercise science. His first year at Rowan, Harrison rented an off-campus apartment; his second year he rented an off-campus house with four friends. 

Harrison Coblentz and girlfriend.

Reflecting on his college experience, Harrison wishes that he would have devoted more time to clubs such as intramural basketball, volunteer club, and fitness club. New transfers, learn from his experience!

A typical Rowan day for Harrison included gym, school, hanging out with friends, and hanging out with his girlfriend. Harrison took six courses this last semester so his schedule was very busy. Harrison would normally take his classes in the morning, eat some lunch, do some homework, and then hit the gym at night. Harrison also worked at his Uncle’s meat business, called Niblock’s, in Salem on the weekends.

Being a health and exercise science major requires a lot of time and attention, he says. Harrison has future goals of being a nurse or a police officer. While he enjoys the fitness lifestyle and training, he also has that in mind for a career in the future.

One of the most interesting things Harrison has learned this year in one of his classes is that he got to learn how to calculate body fat percentage. This was learned in his exercise physiology class. 

Harrison realized Rowan was the right fit for him when he met his friends. Harrison has such a close bond with his guys and it made his college experience so much better. He also realized when he started at this university after transferring that the academic curriculum was more up his ally. Harrison stated Rowan University has changed his college experience for the best. 

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Story and photography by:
Devon Graf, Senior Communication Studies Major

Photos by: IG @Harrisoncoblentz

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