Meet #Rowan2024: Civil and Environmental Engineering Major Bridget McDevitt

Photo of Bridget.

Today we feature Civil and Environmental Engineering major Bridget McDevitt. She is from Logan Township, NJ (Gloucester County) and will be commuting to Rowan in the fall.   

Photo of Bridget on the beach at sunset.

What is something you’re looking forward to next year at Rowan?

Something that I’m looking forward to next year at Rowan is finally beginning to trek forward on developing my career. I’m beyond excited to be taught by incredibly educated professors, and to dive headfirst into knowledge, as cliche as it sounds. I’m also excited to be learning in a new environment that’s more tailored to the individual student as opposed to high school.

What is one activity, club, sport or hobby that you did in high school that you’d like to continue with at Rowan?  

I didn’t participate too much in high school, and it really wasn’t until my junior or senior year where I came out of my shell and developed my hobby of gardening! It’s so rewarding giving back to the planet meanwhile channeling your creativity in the aesthetics of landscaping. So, I’d like to join some gardening and environmental clubs. Also, writing and fashion are secret diversions of mine, so I would join some clubs geared towards that as well. 

How or why did you choose your major?​                                                            

I chose my major because growing up, my dad used gardening as his release from the world and as I got older, I really recognized the significance in that. Plus, through his gardening lessons, we created a bond. I want to protect the land and the soil that he cultivates, and on a broader scheme I would like to preserve the ecosystems within various communities. So, I thought environmental engineering would fit right in. Also, I intended on double majoring in community health and perhaps minoring in English. 

How did you get to know campus?                                                                  

Living in Logan Township, I’ve had family members who attended Rowan and the university is pretty much a household name. I’ve driven by the campus plenty of times, but it wasn’t until I went on a tour where it really struck me as a place where I’d want to further my education. It’s quaint, but still a vibrant little campus. 

What music do you like?                                                                                            

I love all types of music! But to name a few genres, I prefer indie, rock, alternative, and punk. My diverse concert list ranges from Taylor Swift, to KISS (not by choice), all the way to Warped Tour.  

Night owl or morning person?                                                                         

Most certainly I am a night owl. My creativity seems to ignite anytime past 11 p.m., which was a good excuse to hand in assignments late 🙂 mornings are only attractive when you’re at the beach. 

Why Rowan?​​                                                                                                                 

I was attracted to the proximity of Rowan, and of course the affordability. I plan on furthering my education for a long time coming, hopefully eventually getting my doctorates. That being said, cost efficacy was a big factor. Not only is it affordable, but you also acquire a quality education, which of course is my number one priority. Plus, my mom is my best friend. Leaving her is a thought I cannot handle!!

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