First Year Voices: Spanish Major Jenna Rech and Biology Major Maria Mousa

Roommates pose together outside on campus.

Today, we speak to freshmen roommates Jenna Rech and Maria Mousa! Jenna is a Spanish major from Cherry Hill, NJ (Camden County) and Maria is a pre-med Biology major. They live on campus in Magnolia Hall. They tell us more about their experience at Rowan so far and what they’re looking forward to in the future.

Maria and Jenna posing together while wearing masks.
Maria (left) hanging out with roommate Jenna (right)

How do you like Rowan?

Jenna: I like it! It’s actually really fun. They’re offering more stuff than I thought they were going to. We went to some of the activities right here on the intramural field.

Maria: I love that they’re still doing activities for everyone here. I also feel like they’re taking a lot of precautions, and it makes me feel a lot safer.

How are you meeting new people and making friends?

Jenna: I met most of my friends from people on our floor. There are only eight of us on the floor, but we all have each other and our group-chat so we all hang out with each other! 

How do you like living in a dorm?

Maria: I love living in a dorm. It’s actually a lot of fun. I was nervous at first, to have the responsibility of living on my own, but I’m actually having a lot of fun. 

What are you looking forward to at Rowan?

Jenna: I’m looking forward to actually having in-person classes and meeting our professors.

Maria: I’m looking forward to having more in-person classes and meeting my classmates!

Maria and Jenna smiling together.

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Story by:
Bianca Torres, senior music industry major

Photography by:
Stephanie Batista, sophomore music industry major

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