3 Anthropology Majors Share How They Became Interested In Their Major

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Today, we speak to 3 Anthropology majors from Rowan’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences. They tell us what sparked their interest in the major. 

Kasia posing with a grad cap and gown.

“I took a Human Variation class as an elective for, at the time, my Biology major that I later switched. I loved the class and the teacher so much that I decided to make it my minor, but as time went on I decided to make the full commitment to make it my major.” – Kasia Krzton, senior, Anthropology major, Cherry Hill, NJ (Camden County)

Jessica taking a selfie with friend.

“I love history and learning about cultures, so anthropology was a natural choice.” – Jessica DeJesus, junior, Anthropology major, transfer student from Rowan College of South Jersey, Millville, NJ (Cumberland County)

Selfie of Kimberly.

“[I became interested] through a TV show I used to watch when I was younger. The main character was a forensic anthropologist, and I thought that was the coolest job out there.” – Kimberly Proctor, junior, Anthropology major with minors in Law & Justice Studies and Sociology, Burlington County

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Story by:
Bianca Torres, senior music industry major

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