5 RAs Share the Benefits of Living on Campus

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Living on campus can open a door of opportunities for Rowan students. Resident Assistants, or RAs, are an integral part of the on-campus community. They are trained to guide and support students in their transition to Rowan residence halls. Here, five Rowan RAs reveal the perks of on-campus living.  

“Especially in a time where online learning is more prominent, it is crucial for our students to feel like they have a space to connect with other students and staff. We offer events that different offices and organizations hold for students to be able to unwind and enjoy their time on campus. We have internship opportunities here on campus, jobs, and so much more to offer all for our students. These connections are something that they can take with them well into the future.

“My job as an RA is to be able to know the resources on campus and connect my residence with what I feel they need or would like to try. I offer events that SUP put on, connections to the Wellness Center, the Academic Success Center and so much more. As an RA I am the point person to help students understand each of the departments that we offer. I even get the opportunity to get to know my residents by attending events with them or even just eating at the student center. It is one of the most impactful student leadership roles on campus.” – Sydney Ramos, an RA in Mimosa Hall

Sydney sits outside on a gazebo.
Sydney Ramos

“Living on campus was one of the best decisions I made when I first arrived at Rowan. Not only do students who live on campus possess opportunities to develop as an independent, but they may also forge bonds with one another. The communities fostered by Rowan’s residence halls are strong, making it easier for students to thrive socially when they first arrive at college. RAs are responsible for making residents feel comfortable in their new environment. We facilitate and promote programs and other events tailored toward the diverse interests of our community.” – Matthew Mcgrath, an RA in The Whitney Center

Matthew smiling with red umbrellas in the background.
Matthew Mcgrath

“Living on campus gives a whole different perspective of life! It’s not for everyone, keep in mind, but it’s a great way to meet new people and get super involved. Rowan has so many fun campus events that it’s just easier to enjoy if you live on campus. Academically, it can be a lot more convenient to walk to class instead of trying to find a parking spot or if you need to run into a lab for whatever reason. RA’s can play a huge role in the college experience, as they are usually the first resource you go to for any advice or announcements regarding events on campus. They try their best to really integrate you into the community and make you feel at home.” – Alyssa Putiri, an RA in Townhouse Apartments

Alyssa sitting at a table with her laptop on campus.
Alyssa Putiri

“Living on campus is an integral part of the college experience. It provides a smaller community of students who you might not otherwise get to meet if you weren’t living on campus. Rowan’s residence halls are great communities for students, and as RAs, we help run this community. Fostering an environment for residents to interact with one another and feel connected to the community is one of our goals, and this is an experience you don’t get to have if you aren’t living on campus.” – Rachel Galing, an RA in Magnolia Hall

Headshot of Rachel smiling.
Rachel Galing

“Living on campus was the best choice for me, 100%. Living in a residence hall freshman year was a unique experience that introduced me to so many different types of people and brought me closer to people on my floor and in my major. I was also close to everything on campus, so meeting up with friends or classmates to do homework or hang out was always convenient.” – Alex Jackson, an RA in 230 Victoria Apartments

Alex in student center.
Alex Jackson

Even though living away from home can seem scary, Rowan RA’s and the greater campus community can help make it worthwhile. 

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