Hispanic Heritage Month #PROFspective: Law and Justice Studies Major Jazlyn Batista on Inclusion and Finding “Forever Friends”

Today, as part of our Hispanic Heritage Month #PROFspective series, we feature senior Jazlyn Batista, majoring in Law & Justice Studies with a minor in Sociology. She is from Perth Amboy, NJ (Middlesex County) and a transfer student from Rowan College of Gloucester County where she was in the Rowan Choice Program. 

What is your student experience here at Rowan? Do you feel included? Supported? How so? Could you highlight an example or two?

My overall experience here at Rowan has honestly been a great one. Coming into Rowan I didn’t know what to expect, but I met some of my forever friends within my first semester who have turned into my family and have supported me through my college journey ever since. Whenever I was afraid to get out of my comfort zone, those same friends were there to help me through it.

How did you find your friend group here at Rowan?

I was able to meet my friend group on many different occasions; some in class, and others just by walking past the Gazebo since that was where some students would go to hang out and socialize. I also met some of my friends by attending the events that organizations on campus hosted. 

Jazlyn sits against a concrete façade.

Are you involved on campus? How so? 

I’m a proud sister of Lambda Tau Omega Sorority Incorporated and I am on the PR chair for Greek Cultural Organizations Council. I also had the opportunity to work the Pre-College Institute (PCI) Program for the ASCEND Department here at Rowan University.

How would you describe inclusion? Could you highlight a Rowan classroom or campus experience that was inclusive and made an impact on you?

I would describe inclusion as feeling like you fit in wherever you are and not having to force yourself to be someone you are not, you are just showing people the real you and are being accepted with flaws and all.

I remember going to an informational for my organization and for the first time I felt like I really belonged. No conversation was forced, the sisters made me feel so welcomed, and they showed genuine interest in getting to know me; they were not just interested in me so I would join the organization.

Jazlyn walks down some stairs in Rowan's Engineering building.

Do you have a role model or mentor here at Rowan? Who are they and how have they supported your growth?

A role model that I look up to on campus would have to be a previous professor of mine named Dennis Sims. I have taken two courses with him and since then he has given various outlets on how I can reach my desired career and be successful in life.

What advice would you give to a Hispanic/Latinx high school student considering your major here at Rowan?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. The professors are great and are always willing to work with you. With law, you can branch into a lot of different things so definitely test out the waters in all the courses that Rowan provides so you can see what fits you best.

What are your professional goals?

I plan to become an FBI agent & work specifically with homicide.

Jazlyn stretching.

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Story by:
Natalie DePersia, senior public relations major

Photos courtesy of: 
Jazlyn Batista

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