What’s on Your Fall Semester Bucket List?

Rowan University students smile with pumpkins they found at nearby Creamy Acres Farm.

As the first semester of the 2022-2023 school year kicks off, students have the opportunity to pursue a vast amount of opportunities as the seasons begin to change before their eyes. As the leaves wistfully make their way to the ground, students all over the Rowan University campus are setting goals for themselves, and hoping to check them off their fall semester bucket list by the time the first semester comes to an end.

Starting off, we have Olivia Protopapas, a transfer student originally from South River, NJ (Middlesex County). Olivia is currently a junior pursuing her degree in Biology, with high hopes of pursuing a career in the medical field. As Olivia watches pumpkins ripening and scarecrows arising all over the Glassboro area, she has some major goals to achieve in the midst of this semester. She hopes to master chemistry, higher her grade point average, and make the dean’s list this semester!

Olivia Protopapas celebrating her 20th birthday in the 114 Victoria Street Apartments!

Next, we present Gaby Klein from Pittstown, NJ (Hunterdon County). Gaby is currently a junior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. As the air becomes brisker on her daily walks to class, Gaby isn’t letting an autumn chill halt her drive. By the end of the fall semester Gaby hopes to walk away with more dedication/motivation, a clearer idea of what she wants to pursue professionally, and to be going to the gym pretty much daily.

Gaby Klein lounging in the 114 Victoria Street Apartments!

Shifting we present Thomas Deluca from Freehold, NJ (Monmouth County). Thomas pursuing his degree in Law & Justice and is gearing up to graduate in 2023. As he begins to pull his heavier jackets out of storage and pack his summer clothes away for when the sultry sun returns, Thomas hopes to simply have fun, make new friends, and try something new by the time all the leaves of the fall semester have come and gone. 

The fall foliage is in full effect, ready for new beginnings to bloom!

On deck, we have Ahmiel Reaves from Atlantic City, NJ (Atlantic County). Ahmiel is pursuing a degree in Music Education and has so much he wants to get out of this semester. Ahmiel hopes to become a better pianist and producer so he can perform and create music better, ace all his classes and bring his GPA up so he can find more opportunities as a student, and be more open and meet new people because he believes he’s pretty reclusive and he hopes to break out of his comfort zone and be more open.

A pianist practicing hard!

Last but certainly not least we have Emma Cotter from Toms River, NJ (Ocean County). Emma is a junior pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Before the spring flowers begin to bloom and autumn air is a thing of the past, Emma has many things to scratch off her bucket list for the fall semester. She hopes to go to the gym more, close out the semester with all B’s and A’s, and spend less time on her technical devices and more time soaking up the seasons.

Emma Cotter soaking up the summer sun.

As Rowan University students now begin to crunch leaves beneath the soles of their shoes on walks to class, wrap themselves in the warmth of sweaters, and indulge in all things pumpkin spice we hope all the students on the Rowan University campus get the most out of this semester and check off everything on their fall semester bucket list!

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Story by:
Asiya Robinson, junior writing arts major

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